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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

BLUE MARBLE PRODUCTS, LLC UPDATE: thetoolcrate.com Becomes thetooltent.com...And I Buy 900 Sexy, Plus-Size Christmas Dresses!

Well, it looks like the boys at San Francisco-based Blue Marble Products, LLC aren't letting the grass from their on again/off again Patio Bloom grow under their feet!

Blue Marble has already settled two civil suits (a patent infringement case brought by International Fruit Genetics, LLC against now-defunct orcharddepot.com and another patent infringement case brought by Arizona-based CamCal Enterprises, LLC against truehomebliss.com), and an April 20, 2018 response deadline looms in a counterfeit metal detector case against patiobloom.com.

Patio Bloom's status has fluctuated recently, and today appears as a password-protected site with an "Opening Soon" message.

Blue Marble has deleted nearly 60 sites it previously operated, including Olive Branch Chef, Good Appliances, Magical Chefs and On Fleek Culture.
 However, one site (thetoolcrate.com) was recently replaced with thetooltent.com--and it's got one crazy mix of products.

While it currently lacks a Search function, The Tool Tent more than makes up for that deficit with fashion sense.

Or fashion nonsense.

Take this crazy dress, found in the site's Power & Hand Tools section: a steal at $33.22!

It was such a great buy, I added 900 of them to my Tool Tent shopping cart!

Too bad I don't have a spare $29,898 rattling around in the bottom of my Burberry tote.

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