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Thursday, November 9, 2017

ROBERT BUCKHANNON FACING 63 to 78 MONTHS IN FEDERAL PRISON: Inside Buckhannon's Objection To Government's Presentence Investigation Report!


Although the government's Presentencing Investigation Report was filed under seal in “crooked chiropractor” Robert Buckhannon's federal hedge fund fraud case, his objections to that sealed report were made public in a document filed Monday, November 6.

Lots of wheedling and whining, which I'll discuss in a later post, but Buckhannon repeatedly violates what I've often referred to on this blog as Miss Fortune's Cardinal Rule For Liars: never lie about something I can easily disprove.

Case in point is the claim that Buckhannon-the-chiropractor is “presently licensed, in good standing, in: Nevada, Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, South Carolina, Florida, and Michigan.”

With the exceptions of Texas and Oregon, where there are no records of Buckhannon ever holding a chiropractic license in either state, his other state licenses have all expired.

Call me crazy, but that doesn't sound anything like “licensed in good standing” to me.

Nevada: license expired December 31, 2010.

Washington: license expired February 13, 1989.

California: license expired December 31, 1988.

Colorado: license expired July 31, 1995.

Illinois: license expired July 31, 2005.

South Carolina: license expired October 31, 2002.

Florida: license expired March 31, 2006

Michigan: license expired November 30, 2016

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