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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

NEWS WITHOUT CLOTHES: The Naked Truth About Zia Shlaimoun's Bankruptcy; Money To Burn?


“This lawsuit concerns the alleged theft by Defendant Shlaimoun of money which Plaintiff claimed it gave to Shlaimoun for an investment. Plaintiff alleges that Defendant fraudulently induced several companies to “invest” monies in a bond leasing transaction. Plaintiff further alleges that the transaction was a scam and never existed. Plaintiff claims that Defendant Shlaimoun stole and funneled a large portion of the money into the purchase of a $12 million mansion in Malibu.”
June 6, 2017
Statement of Decision; California Superior Court

“Debtor hopes after a fresh start to be able to work on and start a new venture of some time – however due to litigations and the like hasn’t been able to generate any income for over a year. Essentially live off of proceeds from the sale of a property (which was a loss) in 2014 which was significant. Additionally family and friends have been assisting (loans and gifts) – however hopes to get back on his feet ultimately.” 
June 20, 2017 
Zia Shlaimoun bankruptcy Statement of Assets and Liabilities

As Zia Shlaimoun's bankruptcy case makes it way toward an August 1, 2017 hearing, I've discovered startling information that casts doubt on Shlaimoun's ludicrous assertion that he (and I quote) “hasn’t been able to generate any income for over a year” and has been subsisting on handouts from friends and relatives. 

That's clearly a lie.

Shlaimoun's not only generated income, he's continued to con and swindle.

Take the case of Youngstown, Ohio-based 561 Limited Liability Co. (d/b/a Source Products, Ltd.), a company that filed a complaint on September 19, 2016 against Goldstar Laboratories, LLC, a Delaware corporation formed by Zia Shlaimoun on July 20, 2015.

Along with Goldstar Laboratories and Shalimoun, the complaint also named Battle Creek's infamous “crooked chiropractor”, Robert Buckhannon.  (Buckhannon has signed a plea agreement in his federal wire fraud and conspiracy case relating to his role in a $34 million hedge fund fraud, and is currently awaiting a decision regarding his request to delay a July 19, 2017 change of plea hearing.)

The civil action, filed in Ohio's Mahoning County Common Pleas Court, alleges two counts: a $31,069.61 unpaid balance due for medical supplies delivered to Goldstar and an allegation of unjust enrichment.

According to publicly available court records, Shlaimoun and Buckhannon applied for credit on December 11, 2015. Although the credit application (shown below) reveals a Newport Beach, California, address, the federal ID number actually links to the Delaware Goldstar entity, not a California business.

Goldstar Laboratories LLC is not listed as an entity created under the laws of the State of California — because it doesn't legally exist!

Shlaimoun listed two trade references: St. Louis, Missouri-based MyLab Diagnostics and PLS (Pathology Laboratory Services) of Santa Ana, California. Pretty ballsy, too, as we'll soon see.

On July 20, 2015, Shlaimoun's new venture, Goldstar Laboratories, was formed as a Delaware corporation. Between October 29, 2015-February 6, 2016, six more "Goldstar" entities were formed: Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Dayton and Texas. 

Of the six, three already have National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers. The NPI is a unique identification number for covered health care providers. 

And yes, the three entities with NPI numbers (Florida, Ohio and Missouri) are all officially linked to owner Zy Shlaimoun. The Goldstar venture directly links back to Robert Buckhannon's former boss, Kansas City, Missouri resident John Rittenour

According to an email I received in July 2016 from a Nevada Health Department official (who asked not to be identified), Rittenour "purchased both a collection site called Lab Express, which then purchased Synergy Laboratory". Running the labs under entity "MyLab Diagnostics LLC", Rittenour shared a mailing address (448 Sovereign Court, Ballwin, MO) with Shlaimoun's Goldstar Laboratories Missouri LLC. Shlaimoun was sued on February 21, 2017 by Heyde Management; Shlaimoun later paid $11,957.

Regular readers of this blog may know PLS under another name: Advanced Biomedical, Inc

According to documents filed during Advanced Biomedical's ongoing bankruptcy case, Buckhannon sought to take advantage of its CEO, Cyrus Karimi, by Buckhannon seeking to induce Karimi with promises of profitable customers to occupy part of Advanced Biomedical’s Santa Ana premises for at least a month without paying rent. 

Buckhannon, without authorization, presented Goldstar Laboratories as Advanced Biomedical's authorized agent to the public, stored Goldstar's Phadia machine at Advanced Biomedical's facility without compensation for a few months, submitted samples to test from money-losing customers and then asked Karimi to sign an unauthorized contract in February or March 2016 without any input from Advanced Biomedical’s attorney, Dixon Gardner. 

After Karimi refused to cave in to Buckhannon’s demands that he sign an illegal contract, Buckhannon withdrew all connection with Advanced Biomedical by vacating the back office, ceasing to allege Goldstar represented the lab, and removing the Phadia machine. 

As a bank reference, Shlaimoun and Buckhannon listed Wayne Hildenbrand from Wells Fargo.

Hildenbrand does work for Wells Fargo, just not at its Pacific Coast Highway Malibu branch.

A check with FINRA reveals Hildenbrand is a registered securities broker, who works for Wells Fargo's Clearing Services division.

While Shlaimoun and Buckhannon used the Newport Beach address for billing, their Customer Information form (shown above) reveals they had the medical supplies shipped to “various facilities”, likely other Goldstar locations.

But what it Shlaimoun and Buckhannon resold the equipment, or shipped it directly themselves to other lab scammers?

Wait, I thought Shlaimoun had no income, just gifts and loans from friends and family members? Why the hell would he buy over $30,000 of medical supplies?

I get it: the Golden Boys didn't really pay for the supplies, they just unjustly enriched themselves!

On March 28, 2017, plaintiff 561 Limited Liability Co./Source Products, Ltd. was awarded damages against Goldstar Laboratories: $31,069.91 plus interest and court costs. 

Of course, good luck getting anything out of either Shlaimoun or Buckhannon: Shlaimoun's bankruptcy stay temporarily puts a halt to any recovery and Buckhannon's upcoming check-in at The Grey Bar Hotel will screw that pooch.

Here are the invoices for the charges Shlaimoun and Buckhannon rang up from January-August 2016:


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