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Saturday, March 11, 2017

JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING LICKIN'...SOME DOUBLE DIPPIN'! Mitten Educational Management's Brian Lynch Puts Himself On Bay City Academy's Payroll!


This is quite curious: Brian Lynch, co-owner with Mike Randel of Mitten Educational Management, is also the Superintendent of the Bay City Academy—the charter school he and Randel manage for a $325,000 annual fee. The document shown above (I added the ice cream cone!) was created on January 22, 2017, and updated on January 25, 2017. 

It was titled the "MITTEN_Superintendent_Comp_Pkg_2016", and reveals Lynch has quite a large package—with salary and benefits hitting $93,986.67. 

The Bay City Academy's previous Superintendent, Kurt Grangood, was paid a total compensation package of $60,400 in 2015.


  1. Wonder what his fica/medicare costs were for the district, or if they did the withholding and the match? Just curious.

    1. Damned if I know. Why not ask Lynch to show you his stub?