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Monday, January 9, 2017

THE MORE YOU DIG...THE WORSE IT GETS! Crooked Chiropractor Robert Buckhannon Running His Own Under-The-Radar Company, Phoenician Medical LLC, While Purporting To Work For Clinical Testing Corp In 2015! Won't The Feds Be Surprised! (And There's More...Buckhannon Was Already Hand-In-Glove With Zia Shlaimoun & Goldstar Laboratories In 2015!)

On June 9, 2015, Robert Buckhannon (while he claimed to the feds he was flitting around the country conducting sales training sessions for his so-called employer, Clinical Testing Corp) secretly formed Phoenician Medical LLC as a Delaware corporation and later, on July 17, 2015, formed Phoenician Medical LLC in Florida under a "foreign limited liability corporation" status with a Florida realtor, Vero Beach's John David Mullins.


Back on December 16, 2015, I revealed the existence of Buckhannon's Delaware corporation and the Florida Foreign Limited Liability Corporation, AKA Phoenician Medical. (On September 23, 2016, Florida's Division of Corporations revoked Phoenician's active status because registered agent Mullins neglected to file the required annual report.)

Pay careful attention to the email address shown below, because it turns up again.

The corporate application reveals that one Robert Lyle Buckhannon is listed as Phoenician Medical's "Manager". 

And "manage" he does!

The email below from "manager" Buckhannon to realtor Mullins also reveals another shocker: Goldstar Laboratories and Zia Shlaimoun were already in the picture! 

That's right, back in 2015, when Buckhannon purported to the feds to be the Executive Vice President for New Business Development of Clinical Testing Corp LLC

Could it be that Buckhannon was so busy creating a facade for his so-called "legit" job that his not-so-legit job slipped his mind?

(Hey, wonder if the feds are still reading this blog?)

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  1. Baffling to say the least..what world does this guy live in? his addiction to fraud is overwhelming and his lust for the almighty dollar has still not got the attention of the Feds..or has it? my thinking is that they are watching every move this jackass makes and like a snake they will strike soon...