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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WOULD YOU LIKE A “SCHMEAR” WITH YOUR SMEAR? Miss Fortune Analyzes Ingersoll Rant!


The Court found the schools that the Democrats are so feverishly attempting to smear had nothing to do with this case!

Well, of course not! You can't prosecute a school!

Steven Ingersoll, the man who directly benefited from millions of public tax dollars, (including money diverted from two charter schools to his personal business projects, entities and bank accounts), now wants you to believe he's the victim of a massive government conspiracy.

Because so many of you asked, Miss Fortune analyzes the self-pitying rant posted by Ingersoll on another news site.

In his screed, Ingersoll used a melodramatic inflation (“we got him”), claiming it was a quote from a union official that once appeared in a Bay City Times story. In addition, after revealing my name in his comment and that of my home town, Ingersoll “speculated” (wait, isn't that what he's been accusing me of?) about a shadowy money source plying me with piles of dough.

One might speculate that an unnamed funding source supports her daily output of distortion and shameless falsehood. Such speculation might come to mind when one considers that Brent Pilarski, President of the Bay County Democratic Party was quoted in the Bay City Times saying, “we got him”. Local unions aggressively used their political influence to recruit the aid of local, state and federal governments in their nefarious efforts to preserve the educational status quo in Bay City.

Here's what Pilarski really said in that March 10, 2015 story: 

“Justice has been served with the conviction of Mr. Ingersoll,” said Brent Pilarski, business manager of Laborers Local 1098. LIUNA Local 1098 originally blew the whistle on Ingersoll's unscrupulous contracting with the illegal removal of asbestos at the Bay City Academy, and we have been a watchdog ever since. 

Stories like this prove that prevailing wage laws are needed in Michigan to ensure that construction projects are done in a manner that protects taxpayer dollars. This conviction should serve as a wakeup call for contractors that attempt to cut corners and put the safety of Michigan's school children at risk.”

No “we got him” anywhere...except in Ingersoll's imagination!  

If you need more proof of Ingersoll's cynical prevarication, here's a link to the original Bay City Times story with Pilarski's comments.

And then there's “Ratgate”. 

Looks like we finally know the real meaning of the sign below: Just Do What's 'Rat'.

Ingersoll listed five “history” events he claimed my so-called union handlers failed to mention.

OK, I'll bite.

1) “Store purchased rats were planted at Bay City Academy on the first day of school in its inaugural year of 2011.” 

There is no contemporaneous reporting of this purported event, and no evidence a police report was ever filed.

However, there was a 
ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the opening of the Bay City Academy. In the picture at left, I see lots of teachers utilizing the “Fig Leaf Presenting Position”, and a clown holding a bunch of balloons.

But no “store purchased” rats. (Although, to be fair, they could have been lined up quietly in the shadows behind the fig leafers.)

2) “On August 22, 2012 EPA SWAT team agents simultaneously burst into both of the rapidly expanding BCA campuses with drawn military assault weapons scaring the daylights out of the 60 teachers assembled for training. EPA special agent in charge, Mike Pemberton, claimed to be responding to tips of asbestos mishandling.” 

While it's true the EPA employs armed criminal investigators, Ingersoll’s sensational account of the matter, embroidered with his allegation of assault weapon-brandishing paramilitary ‘‘SWAT’’ teams, lacks any connection to the federal enforcement officers who actually conducted the Bay City Academy’s Madison Arts asbestos investigation. 

And while the teachers assembled for training may have been startled, Ingersoll couldn't have been surprised—by that time, he'd already hired a criminal defense attorney.

In fact, nearly two years before he was indicted on seven counts of tax and wire fraud on April 9, 2014, Ingersoll retained Bloomfield Hills criminal defense attorney J. Terrance Dillon on July 27, 2012, nearly one month before the purported EPA raid. 

And in a February 19, 2016 sentencing brief, government prosecutors revealed Ingersoll was considered “an unindicted co-conspirator” in Roy C. Bradley's asbestos mishandling case. 

Bradley's business, Lasting Impressions, was hired by Ingersoll in the spring of 2010 to do renovations at the former church at 400 N. Madison Ave. and convert it into a school building for the Bay City Academy. 

Bradley hired homeless people recruited from the Good Samaritan Rescue Shelter, which has an adjacent a parking lot to Bay City Academy. The laborers were largely unskilled and were not  provided with appropriate protective gear when dealing with the asbestos. The workers were paid off-the-books and received $250 in cash for a 6-day work week that often stretched past 60 hours, with Ingersoll frequently visiting the Madison Arts building work site. 

3) “In August of 2013 the Justice Department indicted the building contractor for alleged asbestos violations.”

By “building contractor”, Ingersoll clearly means his co-defendant in the federal tax fraud case, Roy C. Bradley, Sr. 

Bradley was found guilty of all four counts on December 2, 2014.

4) “During Christmas break 2013 vandals sledge hammered 26 holes in plaster walls of yet another campus of BCA. Each hole exposed an asbestos wrapped pipe previously embedded in the wall. The vandals left a copy of the building blueprints open to the steam pipe schematic. Union picketing complete with chants of unsafe building soon followed.”

The only thing Ingersoll left out was “the pump don’t work cause the vandals took the handle”! 

It appears Ingersoll is talking about the Bay City Academy's Old Y campus, which closed its doors in October 2014 for the last time.

You're expected to believe that a trade union somehow gained access to the building, and its high-level plans, then followed those plans and precisely and strategically “sledge hammered” 26 holes in the wall.

The story was so much more believable when Ingersoll claimed those holes were “drilled” into the wall.

Sounds to me like an inside job...if it truly happened.

In a set of construction documents, (nobody calls them “blueprints” anymore), are mechanical drawings. Mechanical drawings show plumbing, heating and cooling systems, but only as single line drawings. 

More details for those systems are detailed in “shop drawings”. Shop drawings usually are far more detailed but they are generally not part of the set of “construction documents/blueprints”. 

Municipal building departments usually keep those drawings on record, but they need an owner’s approval to allow access to the information by a private individual. 

Still think this isn't an inside job, self-sabotage for the self-pitying.

If it happened.

Again, there's no evidence of a police report, or any media coverage. (There could be an insurance claim, but you'd never be able to pry that information out with a Freedom of Information Act request!)

TOMORROW, December 15, the rest of the story: Denial, Denial, Denial, Denial, Denial, Denial, Denial, Denial!


  1. Miss Fortune:

    Since you have been the most informed, will Ingersoll go directly to prison from his sentencing this week, or will he be given time to report to the institution?

    I did not know it took so long from conviction to butt in a prison cell until you kept the public updated.

  2. The hearing this week (Thursday) is not Ingersoll's final sentencing, rather it's a hearing for both the prosecution and defense to wrangle over revisions to the presentencing report. A formal sentencing has yet to be set. Once Ingersoll is sentenced, he will still have at least 30 days to surrender to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

    1. 30 day count down begins!!!! YAAAAAhooooo!

  3. Bahaha surrender! He is going to run like a rabbit to his off shore hole where he stashed all his money, don't yah think? They better keep on eye on him. There are not many truths that come out of his mouth these days. He believes his own delusional rants and has decided in his brain he is innocent. Good luck with that one Steve! This has gone on long enough get his butt in jail. And then let's get the rest of this deplorable situation cleaned up and stop the constant flow of taxpayers dollars into all of their pockets. Let us not forget schools are suppose to educate children and support teacher, not fill the pockets of these sleezy LLC's. Time to bring the hammer down.

    1. It is funny = Ingersoll and family escaping has been the outstanding guess of his final move since the started. It would not surprise me if he faked his own death at this point, if he thought it would work.

  4. Well the heart attack worked. I am surprised the judge didn't say open your shirt I want to see the scars. I sure would, in fact tomorrow.