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Friday, December 2, 2016




  1. So this woman who took 50,000 is going to jail for 10 years. While Ingersoll admitted to taking millions. Ok time to get back on track and stop this pussy footing around. I wanna see justice served. I want our schools in Michigan saved from these charter cheaters. I wanthink to hear the clank of the prison door close on all of them. The board presidents, the board members, the Limited Liability Comapany owners, the banks that have compromised loans, the chartering university LSSU, the Michigan Department of Education and everyone else that has stolen and compromised public funds for their own personal benefit. It's time to get tough and set Michigan straight on educational policies, so we can protect the taxpayer, children and teachers. When you see injustices you need to speak up and protect the innocent! Our education department is not doing that because our Govenor and the DeVos's want to make money off of education.
    Stop it by cleaning up the Ingersoll/Noss/Lynch charter schools in Bay City, Mancelona and Traverse City. Stand up and do what is right, because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!!

    1. She is scheduled for sentencing on January 11, 2017. The maximum penalty is 10 years in prison and/or a fine of $15,000, or three times the amount embezzled. It's likely that she'll serve less time than the max.

    2. Hope the judge throws the book at her. With the previous DUIs and track record, plus this embezzlement, she should serve closer to the maximum in my humble opinion, and be made to make full financial restitution. But what did she do with all that money and who is going to hire a crook like her when she gets out? Oh yes, I nearly forgot, maybe Mr. Noss and his likes will hire her and reform her with his and Ingersoll's IVL programming? But then maybe she'll drop out because she'll learn that it isn't "I Value Loot" anymore and that that empire will be completely shut down when she's ready to leave prison.