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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


The Grand Traverse Academy board may want to take up a collection and buy a new bullshit meter.

After years of  Steven Ingersoll's fast and loose play with taxpayer money, it appears this board has accepted a bullshit excuse from Full Spectrum Management's Mark Noss that should have sent the needle on their bullshit meter spinning.

On June 24, eleven weeks after an April 7, 2016 $105,492.90 “overpayment” was made to his management company by his management company from the Grand Traverse Academy's bank account, Noss (spurred no doubt by a story I'd posted June 13 on my blog's Facebook page) finally proffered an excuse: he blamed it on temporary accounting help.

Miss Fortune investigated the claim and, in my opinion, it is utterly unbelievable.

First, although a temporary accountant may have initiated the payment process, it's certain that Noss would have directed the person to issue the payment.

Secondly, it's preposterous to imagine that Noss would not have received an email message directly from the bank, as part of a dual-control fraud approval process, requiring him to make the final approval on the transaction.

And finally, it's shocking that (other than an initial question about the payment) no one on the board followed up with any additional questions or was skeptical about an explanation that completely lacked credibility.

Do your job, people!

Demand to see the electronic trail of evidence to see who approved the transaction, and just how long it took for that money to be returned...if it has.

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  1. The BS meter needle is flying off the dial...that's how much BS there is. What crooks...all of them!