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Thursday, August 6, 2015

BYE FELICIA! Judge Ludington Issues Order Granting Martin Crandall's Motion To Withdraw As Steven Ingersoll's "Counsel Of Record"

When someone says they're leaving, and you could really give two (fill in the blank) less that they are, it's time for a "Bye Felicia!"

And Martin Crandall got his "Felicia" this afternoon when U. S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington issued an order granting Crandall's request to parachute from the case because of (get this!) Ingersoll had "not met his financial obligations".

Crazy, right? Who knew that ole Poppin' Fresh was a deadbeat?

A suggestion, Marty: next time, do like the hookers do and make sure your clients leave the money on the dresser or coffee table in plain view!


  1. Just do not give him any delays for counsel change or ineffective or inefficient counsel.

  2. Anyone see the Ingersoll criminals around?

  3. How is the B & B going?