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Thursday, November 20, 2014

REUNITED, AND IT FEELS SO GOOD! The First Installment In A New Series; Exclusively From Miss Fortune!

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When Kaye Mentley needed to file an eviction notice in late April against a tenant living in a property owned by her real estate corporation, KWM Rentals, Inc., she turned to Doug Bishop—the lawyer who at the time represented the Grand Traverse Academy.

Miss Fortune has discovered that although both have subsequently been kicked to the curb by the Academy—Mentley was replaced by Susan Dameron and Bishop by Libertarian wannabe judge Kerry Morgan—they're still together.

Like an extremely pale version of Peaches & Herb, the duo "reunited" over a common interest: money.

On November 19, a $3,164.08 consent judgment was issued against Mentley's tenant, Jennie S. Johnson.

And, as the court records states, this "case is closed".

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