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Friday, September 27, 2013

David Hunter Takes Plea Deal; GUILTY On Two Felony Counts


On September 25, David Lee Hunter plead guilty to two felony counts of conversion by false pretense, thereby avoiding a trial scheduled to begin in Grand Traverse County on October 8.

In one of the most notorious cases of "convictus interruptus" your girl Miss Fortune has ever seen, Hunter pulled out of his upcoming trial after agreeing to a deal that dismissed four additional felony conversion counts.

The Grand Traverse County Prosecutor also dropped a habitual offender sentencing enhancement that could have added substantially more than the maximum sentence for Hunter's crime. Each felony count is punishable by up to five years in prison and/or three times the value of money or property involved.

Hunter's sentencing is scheduled for October 25 in Grand Traverse County's 13th Circuit Court.

Back in November 2012, Traverse City Police said Hunter signed a month lease on a Wadsworth Street home during the summer. He then put the home up for rent on Craigslist and set up separate tours for potential renters.

Hunter claimed to be the home's legal owner — or that he was in partnership with the owner — and signed several one-year lease agreements with the potential renters. He collected six $1,000 payments intended as security deposits.

"The suspect leased the same property to six different groups of victims, taking money from all six groups," according to a police report.

All of the fake leases were supposed to start on Oct. 15, 2012, and one of the renters contacted police not long after that when they began to suspect the deal was a scam. Hunter was in contact with all parties and repeatedly provided excuses as to why they couldn't yet move in.

Police checked with the vacation rental group that rented the home to Hunter, and a woman there confirmed that Hunter had no authority to rent the property at all, let alone for a period of time past his lease.

Hunter returned money to only one set of victims.


  1. Awww, dammit! A plea deal? Perhaps being locked up for a few months taught him a little about prison life. Kind of funny, though, how his lawyer wanted out. Probably because not only is the evidence against David very clear, my guess is the lawyer also figured that he wouldn't get paid to help put on a dog and pony show in court. So he'd end up being the final victim of David's... at least for a while till his incarceration is completed and the Swindler from Charlevoix is let loose to try whatever new hustle he dreamed up while pacing in his cell.

    I was hoping Davey Boy would rely on his confidence as a two-bit scam artist and attempt to pull one over on a jury. That would have been worth a lot more giggles to read about. Oh well, I guess Ol' Dumb Dumb isn't as stupid as he looks... too bad.

  2. What class felonies are these that he is being charged with? Are they expungable later after he gets out?