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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hi, My Name's Kurtis, And I'd Like To Sell You A Shitty Annuity! Can I Come In?

Get to know Bankers Life alum Kurtis Tulppo! He might knock on your door--or your mother's door.

April 3, 2005
Traverse City Record-Eagle
Pair face arraignment in mailbox thefts

TRAVERSE CITY - Two area men will appear in court this week to be arraigned on charges of allegedly stealing mail from more than 50 residential mailboxes.Kurtis Tulppo, 18, of Kingsley, and Joshua Morrison, 20, of Traverse City, are scheduled to appear in 86th District Court on April 6 to be arraigned on charges of receiving and concealing stolen property, according to court records.Tulppo and Morrison also face misdemeanor charges of being minors in possession of alcohol.

(LEFT: Kurtis Tulppo has his slitty eyes on you!)

Yes, indeedy! Young Mr. Tulppo's sure made his mark in the world for a man who won't be 27 until September. And by "world" I mean 86th District Court. 

Drunk driving, speeding tickets, default judgments, wage garnishments--it makes me tired just reading it!

And even though Tulppo's parted ways with the scoundrels he worked with at Bankers Life in Traverse City, he's not letting grass grow under those feet.  He's found another gig in town, as the "Senior Partner" at Great Lakes Senior Benefits LLC. The company was formed by John Hohman, in May 2011.

With a longish history of drunk driving arrests, Tulppo plead guilty on April 19, 2005 to one count of Larceny under $200.  The minor in possession beef was dismissed, and Tulppo was ordered to pay the court $1,084.00 in fines and court costs.

It took him six years (six, count 'em, six) to pay off the amount, and here's the timeline:

Entry Date     Proceedings                         Action Date
04/04/2005     ARRAIGNMENT AREA     04/06/2005
04/05/2005     ARRAIGNMENT HELD    
04/05/2005     NOTICE OF PRE-TRIAL     04/19/2005
04/13/2005     APPEARANCE FILED-ATTY.    
04/19/2005     PLEA HELD    
04/19/2005     NOTICE OF SENTENCING     05/10/2005
05/10/2005     INSTALLMENT AGREEMENT SIGNED     05/10/2005
05/10/2005     NOTICE OF SENTENCING     05/10/2005
05/13/2005     JUDGMENT ENTERED    
05/13/2005     SENTENCE HEARING HELD    
05/13/2005     CASE IS ON PROBATION     05/10/2006
05/13/2005     ORDER OF PROBATION     05/13/2005
07/05/2005     PROBATION VIOLATION    
07/05/2005     P/V BENCH WARRANT    
07/13/2005     ARRESTED    
07/13/2005     PROBATION VIOLATION ARRAIGNMENT     07/13/2005
07/13/2005     JUDGMENT ENTERED    
07/13/2005     DEFENDANT APPEARED    
07/13/2005     CASE IS ON PROBATION     05/16/2006
07/15/2005     WARRANT RETURNED    
07/20/2005     ORDER OF PROBATION     07/20/2005
09/15/2005     PROBATION VIOLATION    
09/15/2005     P/V BENCH WARRANT    
09/21/2005     ARRESTED    
09/21/2005     PROBATION VIOLATION ARRAIGNMENT     09/21/2005
09/21/2005     JUDGMENT ENTERED    
09/21/2005     CASE IS ON TIME PAYMENTS     06/10/2006
09/21/2005     LATE PAYMENT NOTICE - WARRANT WARNING     08/10/2005
09/26/2005     WARRANT RETURNED    
10/26/2005     20 PERCENT ADDED TO CASE     08/10/2005
11/16/2007     FAILED TO PAY ON TIME     11/16/2007
11/16/2007     COLLECTIONS ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE     12/14/2007
12/17/2007     DEFENDANT APPEARED     12/14/2007
12/17/2007     LATE PAYMENT NOTICE - WARRANT WARNING     08/15/2005
11/30/2009     CASE IS ON TIME PAYMENTS     03/01/2011
01/13/2010     LATE PAYMENT NOTICE - WARRANT WARNING     01/01/2010
01/27/2010     PAYMENT MADE    
01/27/2010     CASE IS ON TIME PAYMENTS     03/01/2011
01/29/2010     CASE IS ON TIME PAYMENTS     03/18/2011
06/30/2010     LATE PAYMENT NOTICE - WARRANT WARNING     06/18/2010
07/14/2010     PAYMENT MADE    
07/14/2010     CASE IS ON TIME PAYMENTS     03/18/2011
03/15/2011     PAID IN FULL    
03/15/2011     CASE IS CLOSED

If you're wondering who's next, stop by again and see.


  1. I'm not at all suprised by this. Shannon Nelson, formely of Bankers Life and now the head man at American Senior Benefits, may or may not have known the details of Mr. Tulppo's criminal background when he brought him onboard as an insurance agent but he is exactly the type of person that they look for. Mr. Nelson finds people to work as his sales staff that are exploitable. The lure of materialism is very great for people who have not experienced a lot of financial success. Once Mr. Nelson and his team ingrain a new agent into "the system", the newbie becomes dependent on that system. New agents are "highly encouraged" to buy or lease a luxury vehicle such as a BMW, Lexus, Infinity, Mercedes, Jaguar and so on. It is actaully taught to agents that a strong and 'healthy' motivation to make sales is created when they acquire a large debt load. It is reasoned that you'll have no choice but to work hard to meet a high sales quota when there are large car payments to be made. Some agents within this sytem under Mr. Nelson and his band of merry materialist men (&women) actually develop emotional and financial maturity. In this case one of two things happen. Either the maturing individual sees how ridiculous and (truly) sick the environment is and realize they can be a successful insurance professional somewhere else where their (healthy) values are welcomed... or they slowly begin to challenge the cult-like materialism within the team and are subsequently squeezed out. Shannon Nelson and many of his team have had many years to perfect their greedy strategies. The bottom line is this, anyone who has been working under Mr. Nelson for several years or more either possesses similar off-kilter materialistic, hedonistic, and/or narcissistic personality traits... OR... they have given old values in exchange for materialism and the perception of power. Lastly, it could just be that a person who continues to work under Shannon Nelson simple has extremely low self-esteem and is truly dependent on "the system".

  2. Correction - I didn't read the initial article thoroughly enough and now realize that Mr. Tupplo isn't still working under Shannon Nelson but is at Great Lakes Senior Benefits. So, I apologize for my mistake in the above post in regards to that.

  3. In 2005 he had a long history of drunk driving??? When he was 18??? Looks like you took one mistake ( the one true fact you wrote about larceny under $200) and tried to slander someone without really digging for the truth....so many holes in this blog...get a life, or take the time to find out the whole story!

  4. Thank you, Kurtis. Article has been revised to reflect that you had a "longish" history of drunk driving. The information comes directly from official court records.

    1. Kurt Tulppo has drunk driving arrests, not kurtis...it's your right to post your opinions, I was just letting you know your "facts" are quite a bit off...if you would like to get the real story about Shannon and his group there are plenty of ex-agents out there willing to tell the truth...you have a good story going, just hate to see a post that is so far off, makes your true stories seem less believable...

  5. If anyone would like to tell his/her story, have them contact me at missfortunetc@yahoo.com

    I'd be glad to tell the world.