Wednesday, April 29, 2015

MITTEN MANAGEMENT: Lake Superior State University Charter School Office Does Not Know "Any Of The Details" Of Brian Lynch's New Management Contract With The Bay City Academy

Nick Oshelski, Executive Director of Lake Superior State University's Charter School Office, exclusively confirmed in an email to Miss Fortune late Tuesday that the Bay City Academy's Board of Directors has indeed contracted with Brian Lynch's new management company, Mitten Management, to run the scandal-plagued charter school founded by convicted felon, Steven Ingersoll.

However, Oshelski (responding to my request for concrete details about the selection process) claimed he had only just "requested a signed copy of the Management Agreement for our legal counsel to review" and stated he did not know "any of the details of the management agreement".

Lynch, the son-in-law of longtime Ingersoll business associate Mark Noss, last spoke publicly on March 11 about a proposed management company change during a meeting at the Bay City Academy attended by roughly six people.

While assuring those attending that it would be "education as usual", Lynch coyly stated a "new management company hadn't been identified" and said a company would approach the Bay City Academy or officials from Lake Superior State University and "pitch their business plan".

A check of Michigan's corporate database reveals only one listing for a "Mitten Management", established by a Brighton-based photographer and property owner. 

While it's unlikely there's a connection, Lynch may be following in the well-trod path established by Noss: filing business formation papers after you've signed a management contract.

Miss Fortune will bring you more details as they become available...which means after I dig them up!


  1. When is this nonsense going to stop. Ingersoll has taken away from the children and families of Bay City long enough. Now his hand picked Board is going to let the same management company, just a different name, keep up the front and keep pilfering government money for their own pockets. When are the public schools in this community going to revolt and get this school closed. When is mlive going to actually write honestly about what is happening here. Mlive seems to write about all the rapes that are happening in our communities but doesn' address issues of criminals running school or children not receiving money for education. The money needs to be put back into safe hands and administered to the teachers and children. Shame on you LLSU for not getting control of the situation and stopping this from happening. Don't want to rock your own money boat? LSSU you are hurting your own name for this guy, take the high road for once. Don't give them more time, stop this situation from continuing.
    I am discussed with the state education system, the feds, the news, the parents that continue to put their children in this school, other charter schools. It is time to take a stand and stop supporting this school, take a stand get this leach out of our community and keep him out.
    The BCA board of education changes management companies but does not take the advise of the governing university LSSU, of course because Ingersoll's are still running the show. What a complete farce.
    When will this nonsense end only when people stop supporting Ingersoll and his band of theives.

  2. Only the parents can get their children out. The public could end this. No students. No money.

  3. I have strongly come to believe that LSSU is not just turning a blind eye, but actually in cahoots with these money grabbing optometrists and their relatives. Beyond shameful!

  4. LSSU is money grabbing the 3%. Bay City Academy is only in business to give LSSU their $250000. If it was not for the bonus university authorizer received this charter would have been closed down. It is all about how much money can we steal until the public pull their kids out and shut it down.

  5. What advise from LSSU?

  6. Someone has to be on the take at LSSU. It makes no sense for them to continue to endorse Ingersoll's schools. With limited charter endorsements available, other schools would gladly be able take Ingersoll's spots. LSSU would continue to endorse and get the cash for endorsements.

    Anyone know what type of car Nick Olshelski drives or how often he vacations?

  7. Maybe the LSSU board should put a little pressure and scrutiny on their Education Department? They should push for everything being on the 'up and up' and not want the reputation of being a charter school sponsor simply for more money. That is the reputation they and many other sponsoring colleges and universities are beginning to have.

    1. They do not want yo do it right. 90% of charter schools are a joke.