Monday, April 27, 2015

"SHARE THE FELON'S RESPONSIBILITY" Up North Progressive Asks The Tough Questions!

"How does one convicted felon manage to receive no media coverage and still enjoys freedom after stealing millions, while another convicted felon gets all the media attention the local news can stuff into their papers?"
 Up North Progressive
 April 26, 2015

The estimable blog, Up North Progressive, pulls no punches in a new commentary on the continuing multi-million dollar Steven Ingersoll/Grand Traverse Academy fraud controversy.

Castigating the Academy's board, the Michigan Department of Education, Lake Superior State University and the "local media" in a post titled "Grand Traverse Academy School Board Needs To Share The Felon’s Responsibility: The Continuing Story of Dr. Steve Ingersoll", writer Kelly Weaver pointedly compares the coverage of former TCAPS employee Mary Gillison, now serving a nine-month sentence for embezzling $50,000, with the stunning lack of meaningful local media coverage about a much larger fraud—"$3.5 million of taxpayers’ money taken from the school and hidden in financial records as “prepaid” expenses."

Weaver's piece is well worth the read. 

However, it will make you crazy...but it should!


  1. It does make you crazy. Maybe they need 20/20, 60 Minutes, or some investigative team like that to shine the spotlight there (and in Bay City too while they're at it).

  2. If Ingersoll was sentenced to 15 years … he would still be making over a million a year from the charter shuffle. He made millions off lousy software charges rent and garbage charged back. He and his friends will continue because it is big bucks being taken from the education of children and the kids parent's like this concept. LSSU should shut it all down.

  3. As a parent of a student at GTA I am dismayed and discussed. We have all been lied to and if our student was not a senior this year we would have left the school. I do feel our children received a good education and over the years we have met some incredible educators who have truly cared about the school and our kids. Just think what could have been done with all that money!! I had no idea what a scam the charter schools have become. When GTA started we needed a change and were so glad there was another choice. Like I said our student is a senior this year and I can tell you LSSU would not even be considered a choice to further their education. Shame on them. Keep up the good work Miss Fortune, but give the teachers credit-I don't think they are allowed to discuss the "accounting error"

    1. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

      Edmund Burke

  4. Thank you for voicing your frustration. And maybe when LSSU realizes some parents won't even consider sending their students and hard-earned money to that lax institution. Whatever money LSSU (and others who sponsor charter schools with little or no oversight) takes in, will be lost when good people see some institutions of higher education simply taking in more money and not being responsible. America, let them know with your checkbook! That may be the only cure for irresponsibility.