Tuesday, April 28, 2015

THE SWINE BELLY UP TO THE TROUGH: Bay City Academy Superintendent Brian Lynch Steps Down; Steps Right Back Up

Reliable sources have confirmed to Miss Fortune that Brian Lynch, formerly the Superintendent of the scandal-plagued Bay City Academy, has stepped down.

But, oh look...he stepped right back up!

As I predicted on Sunday, Lynch was indeed awarded an "education service provider" management contract during a "special meeting" of the Bay City Academy's board yesterday afternoon.

No details about Lynch's contract (or the former insurance agent's newly-formed "corporation") have been made public by the Bay City Academy, and Miss Fortune has requested all available information directly from Nick Oshelski at Lake Superior State University's charter school office.

What we have here is the takeover of our public schools by for-profit concerns who are perfectly content to take taxpayers' money to pad their own bottom lines while making sure Michigan's children 'isn't learning'.

Welcome to the family business...
now we can share the financial 
services of Gretchen Ingersoll!


  1. Is there any word on the outcome of yesterday's Board meeting?

  2. Would anyone feel had if these guys drown in a boating accident?