Tuesday, April 7, 2015

CHILD'S PLAY? Chuckie, Peanut and Steve (Or How Local Media Keeps Blowing The Real Ingersoll Public Corruption Story)

Nearly a week after I broke the news (in typically brilliant fashion) on this blog—"Was 'Peanut' Buttered?"— that the Feds were seeking a restraining order to prevent Steven Ingersoll from virtually giving away dissipating more of his "assets", the Bay City Times has finally gotten off its dead ass and made a couple phone calls to Bay County officials.

OK, I get that the "Bay City Times" is not human, and therefore has no ass.

The only news today's Times story broke was the wee, wee morsel that five of Ingersoll's properties may be sold at auction by Bay County in either August or September.

Wow! "Pulitzer Prize Board calling, Line 2."

Here's the thing: if you'd only read the Times' story, you wouldn't know that the Feds had filed that motion for a restraining order on March 31—hell, that rag hasn't even revealed that Ingersoll's criminal defense attorney, Martin E. Crandall, filed a motion on March 24 seeking an order for judgment of acquittal, or an order for a new trial!

And just why is that important, Miss Fortune? 

Chez Peanut; photo by Miss Fortune
Here's why: on March 26, a quit claim deed was filed with the Bay County Register of Deeds transferring a home located at 111 N. Monroe in Bay City from Ingersoll's Arts District LLC to Kyle Andrezjewski—for the consideration of one dollar!

Sure, the Times does reveal that information in its story...sort of.

"The Monroe Street address was sold to Kyle Andrezjewski for $1 while all three Jefferson Street properties were purchased by Chuck Militello for $100 apiece, Raynak said."

If you just read this brutally simple statement, you'd never know that Andrezjewski was a former employee of Roy Bradley's Bay City Academy construction crew. Known by the other workers as "Peanut", Andrezjewski and Steven Ingersoll's brother, Gayle, went into the Bay County Treasurer’s office on March 26 (the same day the sale was registered) to request a "hardship exemption" from the $10,247.44 owed in back property taxes on 111 N. Monroe. 

And you'd never know that on the hardship exemption paperwork Andrezjewski listed Roy Bradley's Thunder Builders as his former employer. He listed his estimated household income for this year as approximately $8,416.39.

And you'd never know that Andrezjewski had "inexplicably agreed to pay the county $500 per month for the back taxes owed on 111 N. Monroe", leaving him less than $2,500 to live on for the year...unless Andrezjewski had income that he did not disclose?

On March 31, three more quit claim deeds were filed with the Bay County Register of Deeds to transfer properties located at 101, 105, and 107 North Jefferson in Bay City from the Jefferson Block LLC to Charles and Mary Lee Militello. Militello owns "Chuckie's" restaurant, located in Bay City's Columbus Avenue market...right across the street from Roy Bradley's "Thunder Cycle" custom shop.

Gee, what a coinkydink!

But here's why it's so important: the government's seeking restraining Ingersoll's assets in this case may encompasses "individuals and entities besides Steven Ingersoll", restraining third parties from taking title to assets from him if the third parties are given notice of the court’s eventual restraining order. 

By reducing the story to just a few lines about a property sale, the Times is shirking its responsibility to inform the larger community.

But those in the know always have your girl Miss Fortune!

(Besides, you don't really know what's inside a "Peanut" until its shell is cracked open.)


  1. Thank you, Miss Fortune, for doing some if not most of the work The Bay City Times/Mlive and TV stations should be doing. Your blog info and service is read and appreciated by your vast and growing readership.

  2. Good job keeping this situation out there. With any luck Ingersoll will be in prison out of state somewhere. Assets sold to pay debts. By the end of the year- the Ingersoll and wife could be out of Bay City and public education and most importantly out of the public pocket. This is one time I am glad the IRS took first stab. Time for the Attorney general to go after the charter school "loan" and get more time and the money repaid. AG has to end the charter school corruption.

  3. Amen to your comments on the Bay City Times, and its low-key coverage of the Ingersoll case, and you are totally correct when you call it a "dead ass." All of the details which you have been providing are readily available, they are either simply lazy or giving him a free pass. Or both?

    1. It's too bad MLive commenters like @BayCityProud and another unhappy troll (whose name I won't repeat) appear to have a personal animus against anyone who dares to defy their opinions. Yes, federal court information is easily accessed online and documents only cost 10 cents a page to download...I do it all the time. I suspect that the Bay City Times wants to move past the Ingersoll case, making it appear that it's all done.

      In truth, it has just begun.

      Watch this space...

  4. I am happy to be seeing others starting to voice their opinions and anger over the Ingersolls' actions. Wish the GTA and Bay City Academy parents had been vocal and taken action for the injustices done at the schools.

  5. I wish the GTA and Bay City Academy parents would speak up by getting their children out of the Ingersoll profit machine.

    1. You hit the nail on the head: the Ingersoll profit machine. That's exactly what both charter schools were and are. There are many dedicated teachers there and I hope and pray the good ones get a better place and people to work for. It will be interesting to see the repercussions of the June sentencing. What really needs to happen in Traverse City, though, is a forensic audit ordered by the State Attorney General and/or Feds. That may take a while but all the truth will eventually come out.

    2. The rules on charter school management companies need to change. GTA has no fund equity they are in a deficit squarely blame on Ingersoll and the incompetent school board. Unfortunately this is not the only example of charter school non-profit corruption.

  6. Our children transferred from GTA back to the regular public school system last summer solely in protest of Ingersoll's and the Board's actions. We had personally spoken to Dr. Noss and the Board about our concerns. When we asked for answers about the scandal, the response was "Thank you for your comments."

    I contacted everyone I could think of and requested action. The GTA School Board did not care. The charter overseer, Lake Superior State University, did not care and fully supported the GTA School Board. The Michigan Department of Education did not care. The Michigan Attorney General's Office did not care. Our state politicians did not even care enough to return phone calls.

    Many parents of GTA students do not think the school or the children's educations are or were impacted by Ingersoll and friends.

    1. Too bad for the parents of GTA students...the real impact has yet to hit.

  7. Kathleen,

    It is up to LSSU to do anything to GTA. The MDE or state superintendent don't have any authority to do anything directly, only make suggestions for corrective actions the authorizer can take. It's really hard to get a charter school to close down, and the law was written to ensure the state wouldn't have any oversight over them.

    The only way to change anything with these for-profit charter schools is stop enrolling our children into them. They're nothing but ways for private companies to take our tax dollars, and in the case of Ingersoll, use them as a money laundering enterprise.

    Up North Progressive.

    1. Thank you for further enlightening the public about charter school oversight (or lack thereof). Some of these sponsoring colleges and universities should be ashamed of themselves. To some extent they are just as guilty as the charter school operators and managment companies. It seems the sponsors are in it for the money too.

      If more and more people shine some light on all this darkness, then hopefully some more partents/guardians will remove their children from these
      money machines.

      Legislation needs to be made for the exact same transparency and accountability as 'regular' public schools.

    2. My issue with LSSU was that they fully supported GTA's Board and minimized the wrongdoings done there. They took no action and stood at Board meetings endorsing all that had gone on .... including impromptu handover of management from Ingersoll to Noss.

      I reached to other state departments and politicians to get the word out as to what was happening in hopes of that what happened at GTA would spur the beginning of change.

      I agree with the comment above. LSSU should be ashamed of their "oversight" of GTA. They did not oversee ..... just collected their cash.

    3. The authorzing agents for example Central Michigan took 4% off the topic the state aid from going to students. This id big bucks for the chartering universities. Charters schools are being operated to destroy public schools.

    4. The Ingerdolld are only the tip of the ice berg regarding charter school corruption. If they did a complete audit of these two schools - there would be more money recovered. This whole concept needs to be shut down.

  8. Where are Deborah Ingersoll's responses to these comments?

    1. Damned if I know. She probably too busy packing hubby's new inmate corrections care package!