Friday, December 13, 2013

HOPELESS TO DOPELESS...AND BACK AGAIN! Narconon Freedom Center "Graduate" Featured on Indianapolis' Fox 59 Morning News & Narconon "Recovery Month" PR Push Now Facing Calhoun County OWI Trial In January


Sara Doan, shown at left in a screen capture from an interview that aired live on September 22, is facing a January 29, 2014 trial date in Calhoun County, Michigan for a September 18 operating while intoxicated (OWI) charge. 

That's right, Doan was arrested in Marshall four days before the story aired! (Although it was initially unclear whether the segment was taped or aired live, a Reaching For The Tipping Point forum comment confirmed Doan was interviewed live on air September 22.)

In another shocking twist to this tale, Miss Fortune has discovered official Lorain County, Ohio Common Pleas Court documents that reveal on September 25 the Lorain County Adult Probation Department terminated Doan's probation supervision after determining she had "successfully completed a three year period of rehabiliation" for a March 2010 heroin bust. Doan's deal included "intervention/treatment in lieu of conviction" and the case was dismissed on September 25.

Doan is currently represented by Joshua M. Covert, an East Lansing-based lawyer who specializes in "the defense of those charged with driving while impaired by medical marijuana and other drugs."

Doan shown in Narconon press release photo
Doan's inconvenient legal and personal travails didn't derail the Narconon "Recovery Month" train, however. (Never let the truth get in the way of a good PR story, right?)

In a press release issued by the Narconon Freedom Center on September 30, Doan told Fox59.com viewers, “I had gone to eight other treatment centers that didn’t work. My mom never gave up on me and continued to search for something that would truly help me get off drugs. She found the Narconon Freedom Center drug rehab which is a holistic program that doesn’t give one drug to get you off another. Part of the program is a sauna detox that helps get the drug toxins out of your body. It was during this part of the program that my cravings stopped. The other parts of the program that included Life Skills taught me that I could change and really be happy.” 

One more thing—on September 24, two days after the story aired, Narconon Freedom Center Executive Director Brian C. Kuehne paid Doan's $200.00 bond.

According to publicly available records, Doan and Kuehne share an address in Marshall, Michigan...the same address that Kuehne gave in his 2011 Calhoun County DUI arrest reported by Reaching For The Tipping Point.

This is wrong on so many levels, but especially the craven use of a relapsed former student/client in support of a PR effort that this marketing professional can only call a hoax.

I guess money does buy the truth, right?

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