Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ADDICTION 101: Part 2-Per Wickstrom and the Detroit Lions: Happy Together...Forever?

Mr. & Mr. Roary and Per Lion of Detroit
Is the honeymoon over for drug rehab kingpin Per Wickstrom and the Detroit Lions?

Oh, hell no! And this bride is no pushover--unless she's near a cliff!

The recent A Forever Recovery Facebook post heralding Wickstrom's interviews with Dave Veres, Shane Power, Doug English and Barry Sanders (left) is merely one of the methods Wickstom uses to flood the Interwebs with junk content developed to push down negative Google results and counteract Wickstrom's less than sterling reputation.

Let's take a quick review of the recent spate of videos, most looking like they were shot in the back of a pornographer's Winnebago.

Turning on the profile most of us wish we'd never seen, Wickstrom interviews former Lion Doug English. Less than 30 seconds in, Wickstrom states "Doug came here to help me out a little bit and, of course, Best Drug Rehabilitation." As infomercials go, your girl Miss Fortune thinks the brains behind the ShamWow ("It holds 12 times its weight in liquid!") have nothing to worry about.

Next in the Wickstrom Film Fest lineup is former Detroit Lion Eddie Murray. And without even a costume change or any movie magic, Wickstrom morphs into the CEO of A Forever Recovery. No, he's not a superhero but he does tell Murray that he wants to "look at addiction as kind of a responsibility issue". And Murray admits "there's more than one way to skin a cat".

Whew! Now that's profound.

Former Lion Jim Arnold lands in the back of the Wickstrom Winnebago, and gets cast in the role of a lifetimeas a spokesmodel for Best Drug Rehabilitation.  Arnold listens as Wickstrom tells him that Best Drug Rehabilitation has taken "a different twist on addiction". 

Wickstrom bonds with Arnold over a shared concern for "the kids", and the pitfalls of social media.  Arnold tells Wickstrom that kids should "follow their dreams" and instead become leaders.

Finally, the scene changes from a clammy Winnebago to a game day suite at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions.

Wickstrom is joined by NFL Hall of Fame member Charlie Sanders, who played for the Detroit Lions.

And it's here in this video that Wickstrom makes his most noxious pitch, calling it "Addiction 101".

Wickstrom is a triple threat, explaining that he's with A Forever Recovery, Best Drug Rehabilitation and Life Solutions. 

Regular readers of this blog will recognize the name "Life Solutions" as a front company ostensibly owned by Wickstrom's sister, Pamela Anderson. Life Solutions claims to deliver non-biased recommendations for drug and alcohol treatment facilities, and Miss Fortune's April 2, 2013 post provides additional information.

Back to Per Wickstrom and Charlie Sanders: less than 30 seconds in, Wickstrom tells the nattily dressed Sanders that "it's all about the kids".

Wickstrom waits another 60 seconds (at 1:37 in) to bring up his theory of "Addiction 101", using famous athletes to speak at high schools under the auspices of Wickstrom's rehab business.

Wickstrom weaves a entire web that includes using the high school athletes as his anti-drug crusaders—even talking up Wickstrom's efforts at home to their own families.

And Mommy and Daddy say, "Gee, that Per Wickstrom is such a nice guy"!

'Scuse me while I kiss the sky...
[Note: If you missed Part 1, click here to read all about Herman Moore's bromance with Per "we just opened up in South Bend" Wickstrom.]

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