Thursday, July 4, 2013


David Lee Hunter
Fugitive felon David Lee Hunter has been seen recently in Hawaii in the company of a woman who'd once claimed in a series of emails to Miss Fortune to have been one of his victims.

Why would she pay his bills, and stick with him?

Here's some insight into Hunter and his game. And it is a game to him!

An insidious and heartless crime is perpetrated when a lothario-style con artist (like Hunter) worms his way into the heart of a victim using romance as the hook rather than financial gain. These robbing Romeos scour online dating sites (like Match.com and MeetMe.com), social clubs and any other venue where financially well-off but emotionally needy women congregate.

Some are just gigolos after gifts, support and the obligatory nookie, while others have a well-rehearsed plan to deplete the victim's financial reserves. 

Sounds like David Lee Hunter, right?

They do this by a convincing ritual of courting the emotions of someone who, perhaps not aware of their need for love, has not had such flattering attention since their own heady youth. Everyone wants to be loved, and their egos are naturally inflated when a younger, attractive man shows interest. Their friends become jealous and this only stokes the fire of romance.

Whatever forces create the aura of romance, these guys exude it.
You get chocolates and flowers and invites for romantic candlelit dinners. You are torn between guilt and hope. You can't really believe that someone could still fall for you. 

People forget that our internal emotions do not change even though our bodies wear down. We thankfully subdue some of them out of practicality and decreasing hormonal levels, otherwise teenagers wouldn't be the only ones making out at the mall. But love, and the need to feel loved is timeless and vulnerable.

Hooked on this new drug, and still insecure, you find yourself subconsciously wishing to hold on to this arrangement by whatever means possible. Bedroom antics may play a part or not. It is the emotional dependence that is important for the cons to establish with you. This is easy when a relationship is actually one-sided though appearing otherwise. They have nothing to lose so naturally they are the dominant force.

You buy them gifts, pay their bills, or invest in their crazy get-rich-quick schemes.  After all, David Hunter has actually claimed to be the Executive Producer of the new Marvin Gaye biopic!

They in turn, continue to act just like the suave and debonair men you read about in your romance novels, never burping or farting.

Your children and friends may be wary and awkward. They may not openly oppose such a union but talk amongst themselves about their reservations. They wish to be protective but it comes off as meddling in something you feel they could not possibly understand.

Their distrust of your judgment is a personal affront. You become more secretive and stop discussing your personal actions with them.
They may live at a distance, making intervention difficult. 

Regardless, the scammer knows just how to deal with them by breeding mistrust after attempts to ingratiate himself with the family have failed. It becomes an us-against-them battle.

Soon the Casanova con will want to take you out of your rut by proposing exciting new ventures. You have lost your friends and family so what could be better than starting a business, owning horses or investing in a non-profit to help foster children. You have to, in fact you want to, show your support and trust for his financial acumen. Anything to keep them around and that feeling alive.

You sign loan documents on your assets with just your signature, not his. He doesn't want your money, just your trust. Well, if you insist, he couldn't insult you by not taking some. Just a short-term loan mind you, with his verbal guarantee. Or a promissory note loan contract, sent via email. Or $700 to pay off the hotel and bar bills he walked away from.

How long before both he and your money are gone?  No telling. But they are sure to occur at the same time.

Imagine if you went through a marriage and divorce where your spouses only motive for marrying you was to have children and then run away with them. Then imagine that your mother warned you about the no good so and so from day one. How would you feel about being reminded?  It's not like you have forgotten or ever will.

Get over it so they can as well. So what? The money is gone. Pretend it never existed at least as far as guilt is concerned.
Your efforts to seek justice are hampered by your seeming inability to act. You are immobilized by shame and lingering disbelief. You cannot physically recount to authorities how you were duped. 

Every action you took was seemingly of your own accord. After all, you signed for a loan and gave monetary gifts. How do you prove deception or fraud?

About the only way to avoid this crime is to do a background check of lover-boy before he gets his hooks too deeply into the emotions of the impending victim. This has to be before he alienates the family. 

Red flags should be raised when he is from out of town, has no actual employment or means of support, is in your opinion too young or good for you, lives in a dump or rents below his attire and attitude, or has no other circle of friends.

The cost of a police check is minimal compared to the potential losses, both emotional and financial.

Or you could just go back to him, like our friend in Hawaii, and pay his bills. Maybe even let him move into your Kaimuki home.

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