Tuesday, October 21, 2014


When Teapublican Dan Benishek (R-Crystal Falls) announced in May that he encouraged "growth of charter schools in Northern Michigan", the press release mysteriously left out the area's most notorious charter school hustler, Steven Ingersoll.

And why not? As Miss Fortune revealed yesterday, the federally-indicted Ingersoll is a longtime member of "Team Benishek" and has contributed $4,500 to Benishek's congressional campaigns since 2011including a $250 donation on June 30!

Come on, is anyone really surprised that pimps and whores hang out together?

I'm not, although it may be because I fondly remember New York's Times Square when it was soiled, seedy and fragrant with weed.

In politics, money talks. 

In this case, it might also clink when it walks.


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