Thursday, October 30, 2014

FROM THE MIND OF STEVE DIBERT: No Matter Who Wins The Governor's Race, You're Still Going To Get Treated Like Ned Beatty In Deliverance

Former Michigander Steve Dibert posted this piece about the gubernatorial race on his blog October 15, and here's an excerpt. 
In 2010, Snyder bragged about being the successful CEO of Gateway Computers and how he earned the reputation of being “One Tough Nerd” but what he and the Michigan GOP weren’t telling people in Michigan is that he drove Gateway into near bankruptcy and then came back to liquidate the company and sell the carcass to a Chinese company in Taipei.

As CEO of Gateway Computers, Snyder presided over the company from the mid-1990s until the dot-com bust. The board removed him as CEO for not having the foresight to see the dot com crisis on the horizon.

Snyder returned to Gateway as CEO during the final years of the company’s decline and eventual sale in 2007 to Taipei computer manufacturer Acer. Snyder liquidated the company and sold Gateway’s carcass to Acer for the fire sale price for 2% of it’s high of $84.00 prior to the dot-com bust.

Using his Duke Phillips style mind control powers on elitist Democrats, Snyder coasted to victory in 2010 by convincing these wannabe limousine liberals in Oakland and Washtenaw Counties that he was a moderate Republican and that Democratic Candidate Virg Benaro was too crass and blue collar to sit in the Governor’s Mansion.

You can read Steve's entire post at this link

His writing has a certain flair, don't you think?

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