Monday, October 20, 2014

ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION: When Glasser Choice Theory Collides With The Id of Ingersoll, What's Left Standing (Straight Up)?

While Steve Ingersoll owes nearly $180,000 in Bay City property taxes (and at least $1.6 million to the Grand Traverse Academy) it hasn't stopped him and wife Deborah from contributing thousands of dollars to Republican political efforts—including a donation to Dan Benishek's 2014 reelection campaign less than three months ago.

The 1998 book, Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom, is the primary text for all that is taught by The William Glasser Institute. Glasser was an American psychiatrist who developed "choice theory" (formerly called "control theory") and "reality therapy".

Choice theory states that:
-all we do is behave,

-that almost all behavior is chosen, and
-that we are driven by our genes to satisfy five basic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom and fun.

In 2005, the Grand Traverse Academy was declared a "Glasser Quality School", one of only 15 in the nation at the time. The criteria include relationships based upon trust and respect, students doing work that is significantly beyond competence each year and staff, students and parents viewing the school as a joyful place.


One of Glasser's early methods of choice theory intervention involved confronting clients to accept responsibility for their behavior. 

Miss Fortune has taken Glasser a leap forward, including a strong id among the "all we do is behave" touchy-feely, EST nonsense and developed a new alternative—"accept reality therapy". 

If there is no punishment, then there is no reason to accept excuses. And with no punishment, then there's no disillusionment, stagnation, frustration and apathy. 

The id rules, so let it loose, free to run around the room!


A review of Federal Election Commission individual contribution records reveals that Deborah and Steven Ingersoll really loved them some would-be Senator Pete Hoekstra!

In 2012, the Ingersolls collectively contributed $10,500 to Hoekstra's primary and general election senatorial campaigns, with Deborah kicking in $5,000 and Steven adding $5,500.

Steve Ingersoll's support of the Republican party extends back to 2007, with substantial donations to both the Michigan Republican Party and the Republican National Committee in 2008.

Since 2011, Steve Ingersoll has contributed $4,500 to the primary and general election campaigns of Dan Benishek.

And, with Ingersoll's December 2 federal fraud trial looming, you'd think his mind would be focused on his defense.

Maybe it is, but Ingersoll managed to loot his couch cushions, finding enough scratch to donate $250 to Dan Benishek's primary campaign on June 30.

My newly-minted "accept reality therapy" dictates that all we do is behave badly—but, unlike Glasser, I'm still betting on crime and punishment.

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