Sunday, October 5, 2014

RIESGO DE FUGA? Will Federally-Indicted Robert Buckhannon Make A Run For The Border...And I'm Not Talking Taco Bell!

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Although I'm still reviewing the Buckhannon fraud indictment and the related case documents, it's stunning that Buckhannon was released on "personal recognizance" with GPS monitoring while awaiting a December trial.

Assistant U. S. Attorney Kathryn Newman did argue for Buckhannon's detention, stating that hundreds of investors lost money in Buckhannon's scheme, and revealed that $13.1 million of investor money was "still missing." Newman backed up her flight risk argument, explaining that Buckhannon had "relatives and co-conspirators living outside the United States."

Buckhannon's court-appointed attorney, Dustin Marcello, argued a unique variation of the "too fat to fly" defense: Buckhannon is "broke with an expired passport and doesn't have the money to flee the country".

Sounds crazy, but how long might it be before we see a "El Deshonesto Quiropráctico" wanted poster circulating with US Customs and Border Protection agents?

Miss Fortune has learned that attorney Dustin Marcello is no stranger to the media spotlight—he was part of the Las Vegas legal team that defended O.J. Simpson during The Juice's 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping trial.

And we know how well that turned out! 


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