Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MY BEAUTIFUL BALLOON (PAYMENT): Bay City Academy Facing $800,000 Chemical Bank April Balloon Payment; Is Debt Related To Ingersoll's Federal Financial Fiasco?

Earlier this morning, Miss Fortune sent an email to the members of the Bay City Academy's Board seeking information on an $800,000 balloon payment due this month to Chemical Bank.

The Academy's board currently includes:

President: Craig Johnston (Milford, MI resident; furniture  wholesaler)

Secretary: Dennis J. Griffith (formerly the "founding optician" at Ingersoll's shuttered optical business, iSpecs. Currently runs Alpine Optical in Greenville, MI)

Treasurer: Arlene Harris-Bush (Bay City realtor)

Trustee: Dr. Ronald S. Spalter (Troy, MI optometrist)

Charter school board members are public officials that have sworn a constitutional oath of office here in Michigan.

Let's see if any one of these "public officials" respond to Miss Fortune's questions.


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