Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oneupweb: Help Wanted (No, Really. They Really Need Help!)

Okay Career Opportunities, Poor Working Environment” 

(As appeared on glassdoor.com) 


Pros – I learned a tremendous amount when I worked here, having been only a beginner when I was hired. If you are curious and want to learn, the opportunity is there for you - or it least, it was when I worked there. Great for building skills and pumping up your resume. Another pro is the swank remodeled office building and location in beautiful Traverse City Michigan.
Cons – The turnover rate of this company can speak for itself. It's unusually large. Most locals already know what's up, but If you are considering moving from an outside city to work here, I encourage you to do your research and get in touch with TC residents so you can learn more. Be prepared to deal with senior management that micromanages every aspect of your job performance, from scheduled lunch breaks to requests for doctors notes. Salaries are extremely low compared to industry standards, and vacation/sick time is limited during your first year(s). Finally, the general office atmosphere culture and environment is decidedly unfun and paranoid - at least, that was my personal experience during the 2+ years I was there before I finally quit.
Advice to Senior Management – Your employees are parched and need watering. Provide more work/life flexibility and better job benefits for your staff, and look forward to the dedicated loyalty and increased productivity you can enjoy from this!

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