Friday, March 29, 2013

Attention David Hunter! They ALL Get Caught...Eventually

Maine man arrested as rapist who fled Massachusetts 34 years ago

GORHAM, Maine — When police finally tracked him down after a 34-year manhunt, Gary Alan Irving, a convicted rapist and the longest-standing name on the Massachusetts State Police Most Wanted list, was about to put his granddaughter to bed in the suburban Maine home he shares with his wife.

In 1979, Irving was convicted of kidnapping and raping three young women in Norfolk County. Freed by a judge until his sentencing, he fled Massachusetts, and for decades lived as someone else entirely: Gregg Irving, a quiet family man with a job at a phone company, a swing set in his backyard, and neighbors who described him as a good guy who plowed their driveways when it snowed.

When Massachusetts State Police found him Wednesday in his home in Gorham, a suburb just west of Portland, Irving at first insisted that they had the wrong man. But the scar on his chest from a childhood surgery gave him away, State Police spokesman David Procopio said Thursday. Officers arrested Irving as a fugitive from justice and confiscated two shotguns, six rifles, and a handgun.

“He was surprised to see law enforcement on his front door steps,” said Maine State Police Sergeant Robert Burke, who assisted with the arrest along with Gorham police. “He just asked, ‘How did you find me?’ ”
.Officials did not release any information about what tipped them off to Irving’s whereabouts. Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey said that over the years, with help from authorities in Cohasset and other local agencies, State Police had followed leads across New England as well as Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado and Florida
“At the end of the day, good old-fashioned police work solved the problem,” Morrissey said.
Irving is set to be arraigned at the Cumberland County Courthouse in Portland on Friday, and rendition proceedings will begin to bring him back to Massachusetts, said Procopio. Irving will also face federal charges for possessing guns, he said.

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