Monday, August 29, 2016

“RESPONDENT IS REMORSEFUL OVER THE INCIDENT” As Michigan Optometry Board Considers Revoking Steven Ingersoll's Optometry License After Federal Fraud Conviction, Miss Fortune Reveals Steven Ingersoll's Previous Michigan Health Code Violations.

Before he was an Integrated Visual Learning snake oil charlatan (trolling the halls of the Bay City Academy and the Grand Traverse Academy captive student markets with Mark Noss in search of potential big bucks IVL program patients) and charter cheater, Steven Ingersoll (left) was an optometrist.

Well, Ingersoll nominally still is an optometrist as he battles to keep his Michigan optometry license after his March 10, 2015 criminal fraud convictions. While the Michigan Optometry Board still has not made a final determination, my recent Freedom of Information request revealed the details, including a consent order and fine, of a patient complaint made against Ingersoll in 1988.

According to the April 22, 1988 complaint, an eight-year-old boy (identified as “J.H.”, the initials used to protect the boy's privacy) was brought to Steven Ingersoll’s Gaylord, Michigan optometry office on November 4, 1986 by his mother. 

According to the record, the boy complained of a “two-day history of redness” in his left eye and said the eye had swollen shut that morning. 

Ingersoll, who at the time practiced optometry out of offices in Gaylord and Lewiston, Michigan, examined the boy’s eye, noting in his chart that there was “discomfort, the eye was light-sensitive, the pupils were normal and there was inflammation on the inside of the lid but not on the globe of the eye”. 

Ingersoll concluded that the boy “suffered from a mild bacterial conjunctivitis” and treated the condition with sulfacetamide drops. 

On November 5, 1986, the boy returned to Ingersoll’s Gaylord office with his mother. 

Under Steven Ingersoll’s instructions, the boy was treated by an “associate” who again placed sulfacetamide drops in his left eye. The boy returned two days later, on November 7, 1986, and Ingersoll again examined his “left eye and administered Garamycin drops” in treatment of the boy’s bacterial conjunctivitis. 

According to the complaint, Ingersoll's actions (which were outside of the medical scope of the practice of optometry), violated Section 17401(1) of Michigan’s Public Health Code. 

Ingersoll was found in violation of three counts, including his diagnosis and treatment of the boy’s eye and his failure to instead refer the boy “to a licensed health professional authorized to treat diseases of the human eye”. 

In the complaint’s final stipulation, Ingersoll’s attorney, the late Richard Bensinger, asserted that his client “was not motivated by 
a desire for personal gain” but instead acted in “an attempt to be of assistance to J. H.” 

Ingersoll, according to the stipulation, “was remorseful over the incident” and assured the Michigan Board of Optometry that “in all professional activities” that he would comply with Michigan’s Public Health Code. 

Ingersoll was fined $500, and signed the official consent order (shown below) on May 26, 1988. 

The letters of support that Mark Noss, Brad Habermehl and former Lake Superior State University Charter Officce head Bruce Harger wrote to the Michigan Board of Optometry on behalf of Ingersoll?

Sure, I know you want to see them again, and here they are in their inglorious glory:


  1. Give us a break: "The non renewal of Dr. Ingersoll's license ... would deprive society of useful contribution to the field of education that he might be able to offer in the future."

    How can an educator even think that Ingersoll's IVL theory would be a contribution to the field of education? Must be the PhD - Pile Higher and Deeper of Money and pile of horse manure as far as this curriculum's value. (But even horse manure applied to a field or garden has its benefits; Ingersoll's has none except to his bank account and ego. It's non-proven and non-peer reviewed to give it even an ounce of legitimacy. The only contribution of continuing to let Ingersoll keep his license would be to Ingersoll's (and his cronies too most likely) bank accounts and it would only "deprive" him of more money. Maybe Ingersoll and his cronies should open a new bank called "IVL Bank", that is "I Value Loot National Bank of Fraud."

  2. Most people don't believe Ingersoll can be "remorseful" over any incident except he's remorseful that he was caught and fined.
    On a different matter, the same for the federal trial... he's not remorseful for having financially manipulated $3.5 Million; he's remorseful that he was investigated, indicted, prosecuted and will soon be sentenced. That's the true personality of a sociopath. He could be a case study.

  3. "Minimally, in my opinion, Dr. Ingersoll did not try to evade taxes." Wow...maybe Ingersoll has a completely different personality when dealing with LSSU personnel and the Charter School Office in particular. Does Bruce Harger know the real Mr. Ingersoll, or is he also so blinded by financial opportunities to even want to know? Or, are they simply covering each other's financial and egotistical butts?