Saturday, August 27, 2016

WHY HAS FULL SPECTRUM MANAGEMENT'S MARK NOSS REPORTEDLY TAKEN A SCYTHE TO GRAND TRAVERSE ACADEMY STAFF SALARY & BENEFITS PACKAGES? Noss Not Expected To Cut His $850,000 Annual Management Fee (It's In His Contract!); However, Multiple Sources Report Employee-Related Cuts.

Reports trickling in to Miss Fortune indicate that Mark Noss, head of Full Spectrum Management and benefactor of convicted felon Steven Ingersoll, recently issued two emails to Grand Traverse Academy staffers that don't bode well for decent salaries and benefits at the Traverse City charter school.

Noss paid himself a management fee of $850,000 last fiscal year and has contractually locked in that amount for the upcoming school year. An accountant formerly employed by Noss at Full Spectrum sent an email to the Grand Traverse Academy board March 15, 2016, blowing the whistle on a covert two-year pattern of five-figure monthly cash payments from Noss to Steven Ingersoll

Most recently, Noss has promoted enrollment at the Grand Traverse Academy based on a proposed 29,700 square foot math and science building. Although a ceremonial ground breaking was held in March, and Noss repeatedly promised construction would commence during the summer, his MDN Development never began work on the project.

So here's the thing: I'm very interested in receiving the information contained in those Noss emails.

Here's a way you can send me the information, under complete cover of anonymity: submit an anonymous comment to this story.

Copy and paste the emails in the comment box, and I'll receive your information to moderate and publish.

And I'll never, ever know who sent me the information — even after I publish it! 

Here's why you should consider providing the emails: even the Grand Traverse Academy board admits Steven Ingersoll owes the school nearly $2.0 million!

According to a supplemental sentencing briefing filed February 11, 2016 on behalf of Steven Ingersoll by his defense attorney, Jan Geht (poised to join the TCAPS board this fall), the Grand Traverse Academy "has submitted to the Court what appears to be a request for restitution. However, it is likely the oddest request ever received by the Court." 

Wait, the “oddest” request ever received? 

In the filing, Ingersoll's attorney maintains that the Grand Traverse Academy was not a victim, citing Brad Habermehl's October 21, 2015 sentencing hearing testimony to make his case! (If Ingersoll held Habermehl any closer, they'd have to share a cigarette!) 

"As explained by GTA Board’s President in court, GTA does not believe it is a victim but if the Court disagrees with that belief, GTA would like to be paid."  

In the brief, Ingersoll maintains the "GTA does not qualify as a “victim” for two independent reasons. 

First, by its own repeated admissions, GTA was not “harmed” by Defendant Ingersoll. In fact, GTA has continued to thank Defendant Ingersoll unequivocally for keeping the school afloat and takes the position that it is possible that were this matter to be litigated, it may be found liable to SSM for the difference between $2.8 million in foregone legitimate management fees and the remaining $1.6 million in unpaid cumulative rebate. 

Even if the Court accepts GTA’s argument that some of the $2.8 million claim would otherwise be barred by the six-year statute of limitations, there is no dispute that Defendant Ingersoll continued to perform services and continued to promise rebates in reliance on GTA’s continued promises to at some point make him whole." 

So will someone please explain why then is a virtual wage freeze is necessary if the GTA is not a "victim"?


  1. This is absolutely true to the character of Mark Noss. I'm sure son in law ass whipe Brian Lynch is right behind him laughing as they both could care less on who they screw over next.

    I Value Loot is soon to be back into the picture I'll bet.

    Lynch and Noss are both frothing at the mouth as they count their money earned off the teachers backs but it's still not enough to satisfy their lust for more.

    I've heard that people are leaving by the masses from Lynch's failed schools. Do people even realize that he is responsible for their failure? Does it even matter one bit to people that these ass clowns are profiting millions off of tax payer dollars? Does it even matter to people that these ass whipes are liers and thieves?

    Who knows, maybe it doesn't. I sure hope the law comes down on these idiots fast.

  2. I can not believe that people can consciously feel good about themselves and work there. They are just helping Ingersoll, Noss, Lynch and all their cronies continue to build wealth off the backs of the children, teachers and taxpayers.
    Also, parents take your students out of the school's, it is a pretty easy solution. Is no one willing to stand up for what is right? If I pretend like I don't see it and close my eyes and my door, maybe I can get through. What hypocrisy! I wonder what other scams these guys have going, probably using students for insurance fraud in some way? Not paying rent? Making teachers pay for their insurance? Buying their own classroom supplies or book? Oh gheez more money into their pockets. Well they had to scam you out of money and an education for children somehow, because they have more greedy bastards at that top to pay and keep hushed.

  3. Dear parents of GTA or BCA students who want to post here, but are afraid of the repercussions if you do so:

    Has Mark Noss informed you your child needs special services to help with reading? Before committing to paying IVL thousands of dollars for a service that has no evidence to back it up supporting advertised benefits, ask these questions:

    Does your child have an IEP(Individual Education Plan) or 504 plan outlining specific learning goals and accommodations?

    Is Vision Therapy listed as a specific service your child will receive on your child's IEP or 504 plan at GTA or BCA?

    Be advised, there are no vision insurance plans that cover vision therapy, because there is no evidence that vision therapy provides any benefit.

    Under the federal education law IDEA, (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) if an IEP states certain services are required as an accommodation for the student to achieve their goals as outlined in the IEP, then it is required by federal education law that those services be provided at NO COST to the parent or guardian of the child, including transportation. This is known as Free Appropriate Public Education, or FAPE. If the service has to be provided at a location outside of the school, it is the responsibility for the school to provide transportation at no cost to the parent or guardian.

    If the school your child is attending just informed you your child needs vision therapy, or any service that the child needs to be successful in school, ask other parents at the school who have children receiving the same service if the service is helping the child do better in school, but more importantly who is paying for the service? If the parent tells you they're paying for it, had to get another job to pay for it, or they're working for the service provider to pay for it, then that should be your cue it's time to RUN not walk away as fast as you can and enroll your children into a real school where your child will receive real help from qualified professionals who aren't looking at you with dollar signs in their eyes.

  4. You people are seriously in need of a different hobby. Believe it or not, most of the people associated with GTA actually pay taxes and contribute to the overall benefit of society. We are not criminals, we do not cheer when our Evil Overlord somehow manages to screw the little guy once again, and we grow weary of your misspelled, misplaced, and unnecessary drivel. Go home, this is not the grand conspiracy Anita has talked you into. Use your critical thinking skills and logic. Don't buy into this simply because she keeps hammering it into your eyeballs as fact. We have amazing kids, amazing parents, and amazing staff. If you don't believe me, come look for yourself. Anita, we keep waiting for you to come to our school- maybe you should actually attend a board meeting yourself instead of having your lackeys do it for you. Your continued absence must mean you are perfectly comfortable with your ignorance.

    1. Thanks, Steve! (The "eyeballs" comment gave you away!)

    2. Wow calling her out like that, it has to be one of the three. What's the matter you don't like that she has revealed the facts and is right on target. Oh please Mr. Ingersott, Lyin'Lynch and Mr. Boss Noss your lies, your cheating, your insurance fraud, your unapproved IVL is a bunch of bull crap. Everyone knows the kind of people you are. Charter cheaters, test result skewers and tax evaders to name a few.

    3. It appears moi has struck a nerve. Possibly the optic?

    4. No, I'm not Steve Ingersoll. In fact, there are plenty of people in this world not named Steve Ingersoll who think the "investigative reporting" that Anita presents as truth is actually based in political agenda. I am stunned that none of you have called her on her utter lack of logic. Not one of you has done your own research. Go visit the schools. Talk to the students. Listen to the parents. Parents want what's best for their children. Do you really believe we are all so stupid and uncaring, and that we are so weak and easily led, that we would stand by as the Evil Triumvirate steals our money and leaves our children ignorant and unprepared for the real world? We are thoughtful, kind, reasonable, socially engaged people, too. We just stand on the other side of this issue.

    5. I have to chuckle out loud. Instead of calling out Miss Fortune for not showing up at any GTA board meetings, why don't you call out the board members instead? GTA's recently departed (as of June 30) board president, Dr. Brad Habermehl, missed 9 out of 13 meetings in his last year, attending three in person and calling in for one. Oh, but you say, he lives 150 miles away and it's not easy for him to get there. No kidding! Which begs the next question. Why would someone who lives 150 miles away be the president of a school board in Traverse City? Hmmmm. The prosecutor in the case mused that perhaps he was brought in specifically to see that the missing (I'm being kind here) money was written off to bad debt instead of pursued criminally. But alas, once that work was done, why show up for a board meeting? And then there is board member Dr. Kari Visser Robel from Gaylord. She was shooting about 50%. But of course, that’s quite a drive for her. And finally, let’s talk recently resigned Dr. Danna Haba from Shelby Township, 235 miles away. Certainly you can’t expect her to show up. I mean come on. It makes perfect sense that she did not attend ONE board meeting in her last year on the board. So deary, I totally agree that there are fine teachers and students at the GTA. None of this is about them. But that school is run by the largest con group in Michigan. And if the parents care so much, perhaps they should throw the board out on their ears and start over. And hey, while they’re at it, perhaps they could search for the missing money!

    6. You are absolutely correct- that's why they are no longer on the board. You should pay more attention.

    7. Although the comment indeed acknowledged the resignations of Haba and Visser-Robel, your comment implies that a board attendance policy was the catalyst.

      GTA board meeting minutes indicate otherwise.

      In fact, while the board preliminarily discussed needed changes to its attendance policy during its January 15, 2016 meeting, it policy changes have not been made.

      “Samer Bourdkani presented the Board with proposed changes in regard to Board Member attendance. The Board agreed that the changes are needed, and directed Samer to contact Meg Hackett to review this. This will be back on the Agenda for a vote in February.”

      During the February 25, 2016 meeting, minutes reflect “Samer Bourdkani pointed out that Meg Hackett has a lot of questions related to the proposed Attendance Policy. Board members agreed to table this item for now.”

      The trail went cold in May, when the attendance policy was formally tabled by the board.

      Meg Hackett? That name sounds familiar...oh, wait! She's the attorney whose May 30, 2013 Thrun Law firm letter outlined Steven Ingersoll's financial fiasco to the GTA board.

      In his September 10, 2015 affidavit, Noss insisted Hackett was not retained by the board, claiming Hackett had been hired by Kaye Mentley. That assertion was refuted by Hackett, both in her own affidavit testimony during Ingersoll's federal fraud trial. (http://glisteningquiveringunderbelly.blogspot.com/2015/02/breaking-ingersoll-case-news-from-miss.html).

      Maybe you should "pay more attention".

    8. Maybe some of those board members who didn't attend many meetings were/are afraid of future federal investigations and concerns that they might be found guilty of negligence in their fiduciary duties and thus be liable financially? Maybe that's why they're no longer on the board? And maybe they're getting tired of all the spotlights shining on them and even more scrutiny to come?

      There is no question - Miss Fortune and all other seekers of truth, justice and the true American way are very much indeed "paying attention".

    9. Yeah, Miss Fortune! You are right on in your rebuttals in everything! Keep up the great work and don't back down!

  5. Utter lack of logic?

    What about these facts?

    Explain the logic behind the Grand Traverse Academy board’s decision to ignore a May 30, 2013 15-page legal recommendation, produced at great expense by the Thrun Law Firm, that definitively documented Steven Ingersoll’s multi-million dollar misappropriation scheme?

    Or the logic behind its decision to not seek recovery of the money, but to instead allow Ingersoll to “pay it back” by “working it off” knowing he was about to be indicted?

    Or, even better, the logic behind the ludicrous fiction promulgated for two years that Full Spectrum Management’s Mark Noss had no business relationship with Steven Ingersoll?
    Courtesy of a whistle blower, we now know that Noss began making payments to Ingersoll just days after assuming control of the Grand Traverse Academy.

    Does that cover-up strike you as logical?

    Or would you like to explain the logic behind the Grand Traverse Academy board’s assumption of thousands in legal fees paid to represent its then-president, Brad Habermehl, when he testified for the defense during Steven Ingersoll’s sentencing hearing?
    And how logical is Brad Habermehl’s comment, written in a 2015 email, revealing “I and Steve are 2 of the five” potential investors in a “private school project”?

    My extensive investigation was based on research, attending the federal fraud trial, independently researching (and establishing) a previously-unknown business connection between Ingersoll, Habermehl, Bruce Harger.

    The idiom "red herring" is used to refer to something that misleads or distracts from the relevant or important issue. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or characters towards a false conclusion.

    The real truth is a much shorter distance...and just a straight line.

    I suppose the Academy’s September 16th Board meeting will likely be as awkward as a preschool Christmas pageant—with parents flocking like baby penguins angling for regurgitated fish.

    Remember, brutal consistency is the key to credibility—to call them “white lies” just insults all the white liars in the world.

    You asked if I really believe you are all “so stupid and uncaring, and that we are so weak and easily led, that we would stand by as the Evil Triumvirate steals our money and leaves our children ignorant and unprepared for the real world?”

    The answer is yes.

    If you’d like to respond to anything on my blog, you’ll have to submit your comments via my blog’s email address (tcmissfortune@yahoo.com) under your own name.

    It’s a privilege, not a right, to have your anonymous comments published on this blog…and you’ve lost that privilege.

  6. Take that you lying white collared charter cheater! Of course, teachers put their heart and soul into their students and parents see that. But what is the root of evil is within the admistration, board of directors and LLC'S with their lies, deceit and thievery. And what most of us want is for the thieves to be out of the picture, so that the teachers can teach and the children can progress and learn. Fair wages, great administration and progressive forward movement. Not some school locked into IVL, which has no proof, just a bunch of guys trying to charge insurances and play their scam game.

    And political agenda, laugh my ass off. You are the one with the political agenda, trying to get rid of traditional schools so you can rob the taxpayer. Utterly disgusting...wake up people.

  7. As a former GTA parent, I can attest to the fact that few parents at GTA care about governance issues. The lights are on? (check) There's a teacher in the classroom? (check) It's something other than the local public school? (check) That's pretty much the whole of the parents' criteria in this lack luster and library-less school.