Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Steven Ingersoll wasn't sentenced and carted off to prison and Mark Noss, despite his claim to the contrary at the Grand Traverse Academy's June 24, 2016 board meeting, never formally broke ground and began construction on his MDN Development's purported GTA Math and Science building.

Does that mean we can expect more cupcakes?


  1. It's so good that Noss and the GTA never broke ground for their new Math and Science Building. The only math and science the GTA and BCA with Noss/Ingersoll/Harger/Lynch/etc. at their helm seem to be good are the 'math' of robbing taxpayer dollars and using the money for themselves, and the 'science' of "IVL" deception. Nothing to be proud of.

  2. So crazy how they all keep stealing the taxpayers money, you would think the taxpayer and the government would care and stop this. I guess if we could get some senator or congressman to get off their asses and start getting laws passed to prevent this, it might end. But in the meantime the Feds and court system needs to put an end to their misappropriations! They owe the government loads of money and have cheated children of their educations and treated teachers unfairly. Crooked crooked crooked!