Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ROY C. BRADLEY, JR. THREATENS MISS FORTUNE: Bradley Shoots Smartphone Video Of His Rant In Front Of Federal Court Building; Tammy Bradley Recognized Miss Fortune, Sent Her Son Roy, Jr. To Confront And Threaten!

I've just returned home from filing a police report in Bay City.

Just before 1:30pm this afternoon, while standing on Washington Avenue waiting to meet a friend for lunch, I noticed Tammy Bradley, acquitted during her husband's fraud trial, walk down the steps leading from the federal court building. (The sentencing hearing in this case began this morning, and continues through Thursday.)

As she looked up, Tammy Bradley's expression of shocked recognition clearly indicated she remembered my face, having seen me in the courtroom frequently during Steven J. Ingersoll's federal tax fraud trial held earlier this year.

Tammy Bradley quickly scuttled into her vehicle and shortly after, her son, Roy C. Bradley, Jr., came bounding across the street, holding up a pink smartphone, shouting at me and recording his unhinged confrontation.

"mob" tattoo left side of Bradley's neck
Screaming at the top of his lungs, "There she is, it's Glistening, Quivering Underbelly!", Bradley spewed a stream of lurid accusations: stating I was wearing a camera around my neck, that I parked in front of his so-called business ("in your gray Jeep") taking pictures of his children, and capping off his rant by claiming his lawyer had advised him to record the confrontation. (For the record, I don't own a Jeep. If I did, it sure wouldn't be gray.)

Having lived in New York City (and worked in advertising), I've encountered lots of assholes in my lifetime.

Although I kept my cool and advised Bradley to have his "attorney" send me a cease-and-desist letter if he'd found any of my activities objectionable, he demonstrated his poverty of language skills: "I don't need no fucking email!".

And although I gave it right back to Bradley The Younger, one phrase he uttered from his gutter chilled me: "I've followed you home...all the way to Essexville".

Yup, that did it.

I've filed a police report, and I'll update when there's any progress. 

However, if this blog hadn't been carrying the water for the media pussies in Bay City, Traverse City and the rest of this state, there would likely be more targets for the motley crew of gypsies, tramps and thieves that spilled out of federal court this afternoon.

I've become a target by default...but not by my fault.


  1. My heart hurts for what you have gone through in covering the Ingersoll and friends antics. Meeting a friend for lunch certainly is no cause for harassment. There are no words to adequately describe those thugs and their actions. Hopefully, the ring leader will be put away on Thursday and the followers will retreat.

    Be safe!

  2. So far all the threats I've received have come from blog comments. My coverage of Ingersoll is a speck compared to the amount of work you have put into exposing these criminals.

    My heart hurts from the fact that bloggers are doing the work of the media on this issue. Detroit's week-long expose being the exception, but there has been virtually no coverage of the criminal enterprise for-profit charter schools are in Michigan, which the Ingersoll/GTA/BCA scandal is only one example. But If a school secretary at TCAPS is caught with her hand in the petty cash drawer, that's front page news.

    Part of the problem comes from the media gatekeepers. The media are as liberal as the Republicans who own them.

    Stay safe, and don't let the bastards win.