Tuesday, October 27, 2015

BECAUSE EVEN A JACKASS DESERVES ANONYMITY: October 26 Bay City Times Ingersoll Coverage Elicits Asinine Comment From Reader Maligning Reporter; Miss Fortune Schools (Another!) Witless Imbecile

Yesterday's Bay City Times sentencing hearing coverage of the Bay City Academy founder Steven J. Ingersoll and codefendant Roy C. Bradley, Sr. drew a number of comments, including the senseless comment shown above.

Many of Miss Fortune's readers decry the dearth of local coverage of this case, however, I believe Cole Waterman's reporting has been objective and fair.

The commenter, whose name has been removed from the post (because even a jackass deserves anonymity), must have typed with one hand while the other was smoothing tinfoil into his hat.

“This whole thing was a scheme conjured up by the local building and teachers union to attack Ingersoll.”

Aside from the glaringly obvious grammatical and punctuation errors, the comment combines rabid anti-union bias with big government conspiracy theories — rolling up a nut roll chocked full of narrow-minded hypocrisy.

If Mr. Jackass has the “truth”, then bring it.

Until then, leave the unwarranted personal attack against Cole Waterman where it belongs — at the edge of the curb with the rest of your trash.

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