Thursday, June 18, 2015

HE'S OUT! Traverse City Craigslist Rental Scammer, "Charlevoix Shady" David Lee Hunter, Officially A Parolee

As predicted last week on this blog, Traverse City Craigslist rental scammer David Lee Hunter has left prison and returned to Charlevoix.

Hunter, who plead guilty in September 2013 to two felony counts of conversion by false pretenses, was sprung on June 16 after serving a total of 23 months. Hunter will be under parole supervision until June 16, 2017.

Hunter parlayed a one-month rental of a home at 412 Wadsworth Street in Traverse City during the summer of 2012 into a Craiglist scam that ensnared six people in a web of financial deception.

Hunter is under the following parole supervision conditions:

- Contact agent no later than first business day after release
- Must not change residence
- Must not leave state
- Not engage in any behavior that constitutes a violation
- Comply with alcohol and drug testing ordered by field agent
- Not associate with anyone he knows to have a felony record
- Must not own or possess a firearm
- Must not own, possess or use any object as a weapon
- Make earnest efforts to find and maintain employment
- Must comply w/special conditions, written and verbal orders 

If you see Hunter, tell him a "batshit crazy blogger" says howdy!


  1. Miss Fortune, I'm look forward to personally passing your greetings on to Davey boy. Wonder if I should run odds on his violating parole...

    Now that he's being kept under watch and unable to flee, it should be much easier to file further charges for his other scams. Maybe this was only round one of jail time.

    Either way, it will be a lot more difficult for this clown to run scams in the future.

  2. Looks like another countdown clock might be in Hunter's future. And maybe a betting pool on the date/time of his parole violation. You are right about one thing: now that he has a criminal record, it will be much harder for Hunter to pretend he's ...ah, let's see...a movie producer?

  3. ... or a music mogul - that was a nice touch. He's an inventive guy, for sure.

    I know the... custodians... of the property on the North Shore of Oahu that he used to run one of his scams. They really like him and are excited to show their ... appreciation... should he ever show up on one of the islands. Especially since they have the videos he made of himself promoting their property as part of his "holdings". A nice bunch of guys well-known for their outreaching friendliness.

    It's a small world after all. It's a small, small world.

    1. With "friends" like that, who needs enemies?