Tuesday, May 12, 2015

RESIGNATION OF RESIDENT AGENT: Steve Ingersoll's Attorney Signs Off!

In an update to a story Miss Fortune reported earlier this week, this blog can confirm that Ingersoll attorney David S. Fry has resigned as "resident agent" for a group of Smart-related business entities.

All six Michigan entities are controlled by Steven Ingersoll, including:

-Smart Schools North, LLC
-Smart Schools, Inc.
-Smart Schools Management, Inc.
-Smart Schools Management of Bay City, LLC
-Smart Schools Foundation
-Smart Schools Education, Inc.

With the exception of Smart Schools Education, Inc., the entities are classified as "Active" by the State of Michigan.

Odd that Smart Schools Foundation is still "active", as the IRS stripped this formerly non-profit, tax exempt foundation of its 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption in 2013.

Hey, that's what happens when you don't file your required financial disclosure form (IRS Form 990) for three consecutive years.

Oh, look! Here's an excerpt from the foundation's 2007 form. Wondering why the temporary "educatin" module is "worthles"?

You might want to pose your questions to former foundation directors: David Whitney, Ron Somers...and Mark Noss.


  1. Rats, sinking ship. I expect more will shove off very soon.

  2. I bet Ingersoll is in TC permeating that town with his deception and trickery. Working quickly to make sure his boys( Noss, Lynch and others) are keeping his dirty work going while he visits the big house.

    Do not let these crooks continue taking advantage of children, teachers, taxpayers and the government.
    Stop them now for good!

  3. Wishful thinking. Only the GTA and BCS parent could care enough about these students to shut it down.

  4. Signing off because the money is harder to hide?