Sunday, May 10, 2015

"IT WAS A BLACK CAR WITH TINTED WINDOWS": Next Time You See It, Get The License Number!

Miss Fortune has heard reports from several sources of a black car with tinted windows prowling the streets of Northern Michigan, repeatedly driving slowly past a number of homes.

Steven Ingersoll's request for a new trial and sentencing delay (finally covered by MLive, nearly six weeks after Miss Fortune broke the news on this blog) may have driven the continuing saga of the "charter cheater" underground, but the story keeps percolating on the back burner.

As I first revealed on April 29, and confirmed on April 30, the Bay City Academy's Ingersoll-controlled board awarded a one-year management agreement to its former superintendent, Brian Lynch. Lynch and his business partner, Michael Randel, formed Mitten Educational Management, Inc. on April 10, the day after Lynch closed on a new Grand Traverse County home. Official county records reveal that another mortgage was recorded on May 6 against a second home Lynch owns, with nearly $440,000 in mortgage debt collectively secured by the two properties.

So much for "I'm going to fight hard for my job"! Education as usual meets business as usual, as the charter school crown prince makes way for the new generation. Miss Fortune will leave you to wonder what other "crown princes" will be joining the "Mitten", as Lynch has yet to advertise for any openings.

And speaking of grasping fingers, it looks like Steve Ingersoll "My first name ain't baby, it's Steve – Mr. Ingersoll if you're nasty" may be taking a cue from Janet Jackson's "Control" CD and taking him back some of that.

Although Ingersoll's attorney, David S. Fry, dutifully filed the annual report for Smart Schools Management, Inc., on April 20 Fry filed an update—updating the record to include the addition of Steven Ingersoll as the entity's "resident agent".

Got to have a firm hand in control of a business that continues to receive annual six-figure sums for its "curriculum" from the Grand Traverse Academy—and the Bay City Academy.

And, speaking of six-figure sums, it appears that Full Spectrum Management, LLC still hasn't fully "severed ties with Smart Schools Management". After acknowledging in April 2014 that it was crucial to to "sever ties with Smart Schools Management" to preserve the integrity of the Grand Traverse Academy, Full Spectrum head Mark Noss is apparently still searching for an accountant. (Even Bruce Jenner's transition won't take this long.)

The position description above popped up a couple days ago on Pure Michigan Talent Connect.

Could it be no one understands what "accounting for an eduction facility" means?

And no, Miss Fortune did not make an error!



  1. Wow... with the accounting position needing someone who "must be able to apply moderately complex priciples of accounting", I wonder if the Ingersolls will apply for that position with another new name perhaps? Maybe they can put down their credentials of Master of Arts, with a heavy emphasis on cooking the books and postponing federal criminal trials and sentencing? And let's not forget the "999 Club" with three separate $9,000 deposits at three different locations of Fifth-Third Bank branches!

    1. You have to admit the different location deposits wad amusing. It is like they never heard of computer systems and computerized account analysis. At least use separate banks.

  2. "It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's ..." ...Why it's none other than the Ingersoll black vehicle making its rounds up north! Able to TRY to escape the fed's radar with multiple check-writing to numerous business accounts and individuals with multitudes of writing with a single pen (and all in a single day!); more daring and vicious than a big-city sewer rat; able to get away with deceptions for years without detection; fighting for deception, fraud and the criminal way!" And they'll continue fighting until the feds and honest people stop them... the feds with their investigations, diligence and prosecution; the honest taxpayers who have children by being ever watchful, continually informed and then no longer putting their children in the Ingersoll/Noss/Lynch Profit Machine.

  3. How do you preserve integrity at the GTA when the board and staff have no idea what it means?

  4. You can't preserve integrity at GTA or BCA. The only way you can stop them is to take your children out of these schools. Oh yes they will try other ways to philfer the government and tax payers, but where you start is with both of those schools. Then get the crooks in jail and keep them away from schools for good. Then we need to create laws that make charter schools follow all the laws and rules the other public schools have to follow. Transperency baby!

    1. Amen... and unfortunately with the Ingersolls and people like them, you not only keep them out of schools, you can't really trust them with anything. If you were a business owner, would you want to hire them (or people like them) for your business? Maybe making license plates or whatever things inmates could make would be the only solution for people like them!

    2. Ingersoll can not work for others. He has to be able to steal to support the life style.