Saturday, May 2, 2015

JUST HOW HARD IS IT TO MAKE A TRANSITION? The Revolving Door At Full Spectrum

The company accountant is 
shy and retiring. He's shy 
a quarter of a million dollars. 
                                        That's why he's retiring.
                                                         -Milton Berle

And "take time" it has...

Over the past eight or nine months, I watched this position description appear (and reappear) on employment sites like Indeed.com. This ad appeared in late February:

Is it possible there's a lack of suitable accounting talent in our great state?  Or is there another problem, one that's spurred the use of a local temporary agency seeking to find a CPA who'll take on this gig for $20.00 an hour?

It's certainly not what we were led to expect by a management company headed by a "business owner of over 30 years" experience, who acknowledged it was crucial to to "sever ties with Smart Schools Management" to preserve the integrity of the Grand Traverse Academy. 

If you've been through those revolving doors, Miss Fortune would like to hear from you...tcmissfortune@yahoo.com.


  1. They are going to have one heck of a hard time getting anyone credible to do this for any amount of money. A solution is hiring the ISD to do the charters book. The illegal garbage would end. the real issue. No one wants to be involved with GTA and or Ingersoll. These people treat their non family members like crap. The ISD has to legally offer business services to the locals at appropriate cost.

  2. The GTA board getting the ISD to do the books? Hire an administrator. Why do you need a management company? If LSSU wanted to do oversight - LSSU could do the books. Charter authorizers at other places do the accounting. Staff hired by the school board. There is no management company or fee. Fund equity is built with the school. GTA could clean up. Go after the Ingersoll debt. Without paying the Ingersoll crooks the GTA could be a nicely set up school benefiting students. Having this large a number of students out of the regular public schools has to be a huge financial hit to the districts impacted.

  3. This board should resign. Why would any credible business person be associated with either school?

    1. I agree completely. No one with any character would be on either school board - GTA or BCA - unless they were blind and truly did not know what they were getting into and didn't know Ingersoll's lack of integrity and his unproven educational model. Over the last year or two, at least two people have resigned or stepped down from the BCA board. I'm sure they never would have gone on the board to begin with if they really knew what they were dealing with.

  4. Seriously, it isn't too hard to figure out why people don't resign, kickbacks, they are keeping Ingersoll's stream of money flowing. Ingersoll has been associated with Mark Noss for many many years. Marks Noss's son-in-law is Brian Lynch, the new management company. Is everyone going to sit and watch them pilfer more of your money and the government's money. This is suppose to be about children, not about how to line your pockets and everyone else's pockets that will keep your haha secret. It is time for LSSU to put their big pants on and halt this nonsense. You are just as guilty, if you don't do the right thing.

    1. Let's spell out Lake Superior State University. The university president and university board members should close these schools down. Do not hide behind excuses. The university needs to understand this will influence their future enrollment. People are discussing the university credibility based on this lack of oversight (bribe) called sn authorization fee.

    2. No one is worth going to prison over. Was Ingersoll not a lesson? The whole operation should be examined.