Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WELCOME TO MICHIGAN CHARTERSCHOOLWORLD! CONVICTED FELONS WELCOME HERE! Michigan Charter School Board Members Must Step Down Immediately After Felony Conviction, But Convicted "Charter Cheater" Steven Ingersoll Can Suckle The Public Teat For Years...and Years!

Could this "baby" pass a criminal background check?
A Michigan charter school board member convicted of a felony must step down immediately, but a convicted felon/federal tax cheat like Steven Ingersoll heading a charter school management company gets to hang around collecting taxpayer dollars while the school's authorizer, Lake Superior State University, dithers about "options"!

While tipsters gleefully reported to Miss Fortune that Bay City's most infamous leprechaun, Roy Bradley (smoking cigarettes like a chimney), was spotted yesterday enjoying the city's annual St. Patrick's Day parade as it passed in front of his Center Avenue home, his fellow felon Steven Ingersoll is getting back to business.

Monkey business, that is.

Ingersoll's criminal defense attorney, Martin E. Crandall, filed a bond modification motion last Friday, seeking to reverse a January 21, 2015 order issued by U. S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington instructing Steven Ingersoll, Gayle Ingersoll and Roy C. Bradley, Sr. to “have no contact, whether directly or indirectly, with any witnesses identified by the Government in its witness lists”. The January 21 order denied Ingersoll's request to have contact with select government witnesses he called “his friends”.

In his January 14 response to the government's December 5, 2014 motion to modify the conditions of his bond, Ingersoll asked that he be allowed to maintain contact with those witness due to “a recurring professional and/or personal relationship”.

Ingersoll specifically identified Mark Noss, Craig Johnston, Margo Abbott, Jim Comer, Bruce Christensen, and Patty Engler as the individuals he wished to exempt. Abbott and Comer are employees of Smart Schools of Bay City, LLC (the entity solely owned by
Lynch, Noss...with Solo cups
Ingersoll). Noss (father-in-law of Bay City Academy superintendent Brian Lynch) is the head of Full Spectrum Managment, the Grand Traverse Academy's education service provider. Christensen and Engler are both long-term Ingersoll business associates.

So are we to assume that after receiving the Grand Traverse Academy money torch from Steven Ingersoll, Mark Noss and his Full Spectrum Management didn't really sever ties “with Smart Schools Management to protect the integrity of Grand Traverse Academy” as he publicly promised in his April 28, 2014 "getting to know you" email?

Sure looks like it.

In his motion, Ingersoll's attorney asserts with the trial concluded, there is no longer any valid reason for restraining Ingersoll from contacting witnesses named on the government’s trial witness list.

Crandall states that many of those individuals on the government’s witness list are personal friends of Ingersoll, or long-term business associates. As there is no longer any risk of witness intimidation or influence now that trial is over, there is no longer any legitimate government interest in restraining Ingersoll’s rights to free association.

Moreover, the motion continues, because Ingersoll has been "barred from contact with all witnesses on the government’s witness list since January 21, 2015, he has been unable to directly attend to his personal business concerns or otherwise maintain his long-established friendships. It is imperative that Dr. Ingersoll be allowed to freely contact those witnesses on the government’s witness list with whom he has on-going business relationships in order for Dr. Ingersoll to continue to generate income." 

And by "generating income", Crandall means "that hand in your back pocket reaching for your wallet".

Like an opportunistic bacteria, the Bay City Academy is not the only source of Ingersoll's "public/private" funds.

The Grand Traverse Academy currently pays Ingersoll's Smart Schools Incorporated approximately $300,000 a year to license his curriculum, and until 2014 had paid nearly $250,000 annually to another Ingersoll owned-and-operated entity, GTAS LLC, for so-called "janitorial services".

Someone's cleaning up, and making enough bank to stock a federal prison commissary account...with enough left over to live on comfortably on the outside.

And we're all paying for it...until the Bay City Academy's charter is revoked!


  1. Lake Superior State University board needs to revoke both charters. End this fraud now. No one should issue a charter for these crooks. End the Ingersoll money tree and put students first.

    1. If LSSU does that, they will suffer economic repercussions by the republican-led Michigan legislature in the form of decreased revenue sharing and laws overriding the college's decision-making authority. In this state it is illegal to attempt to stop the taxpayer money-grab of republican politicians.

      It's nothing personal, and has nothing to do with children or education. Think private (charter) schools, for-profit prisons, privatized water systems, etc. etc. etc. All are cash-conduits from the private companies into politicians pockets in a manner unavailable from community-run schools, state operated prisons, and municipal water systems, which ALL employ public servants.