Sunday, March 22, 2015

"THE CAT'S BEHIND": Per Wickstrom Live At Detroit's Ford Field! Trolling For Clients At His Potemkin Village "Fighting Addiction Together" Luncheon, Wickstrom's Newest Video Doesn't Disappoint!

It's a sunny spring Sunday and look what just popped up!

A crocus? 

No, another semi-hysterical piece of Per Wickstrom Performance Art—more commonly known as a YouTube video. Promotional videos and Per Wickstrom go together like Oreos and milk, and this newly-released video from Wickstrom's March 19 Detroit luncheon is a dunkable, cream-filled treat.

On March 18, Miss Fortune broke the news of Wickstrom's "Live To Be Sober: A Guide To Overcoming Addiction" March 19 luncheon and presentation (featuring Herman Moore) at Detroit's Ford Field. In its press release, Live To Be Sober described the event as an "invitational event" for Detroit area civic leaders, substance abuse treatment professionals, pastors and law enforcement officials who, in addition to receiving a "complimentary buffet and a tour of Ford Field hosted by Herman Moore", would also receive an "informational presentation on the problems of drug abuse and alcoholism, and the solutions offered through effective treatment." 

Live To Be Sober's press release didn't mention Per Wickstrom's name, and described it as "a non-profit organization that focuses on providing information and assistance regarding substance abuse treatment programs and facilities." 

Per Wickstrom owns and operates LiveToBeSober.com as a "stealth referral" operation cynically designed to funnel clients to his drug rehabilitation facilities. 

No confusion there, as the so-called non-profit's web address is livetobesober.org

Nobody would confuse the two, right?

And it wouldn't be a Wickstrom-sponsored event without his favorite celebrity draw (and business partner), Herman Moore.

Moore is shown briefly in the video, thanking those who attended before handing off to Wickstrom.

Wickstrom, who apparently became giddy after too many croutons at the salad bar, drops a gem in the video: while waxing poetic about the turnout, Wickstrom wonders aloud how effective future events might be if there were 10,000 people in attendance.

Asking a question you know just hung in the air like a talk bubble, Wickstrom said, "Wouldn't that be the cat's...behind?"


  1. Word on the street is Hergert a former high profile Director for Wickstrom will be writing his own story of fraud, lies & deception and why he bailed from Scientology and Wickstrom.

    1. I invite Hergie to talk to Miss Fortune! I'll give you an exclusive.