Friday, September 26, 2014

SOMEBODY NEEDS A HOBBY! Per Wickstrom's Client Financial Services Director Mark Hergert Spends His Days Bla, Bla, Bla-ing Away! (No Wonder Collections Revenue Is Down)

In a response to a favorable consumer comment logged at his Ripoff Report  slam against yours truly, Scientologist Per Wickstrom's favorite henchman Mark Hergert demonstrates his familiarity with the Oxford English Dictionary.

Just kidding! 

Although the "screen door on a submarine" quip is clever, even a writer who learned English while watching the Three Stooges could do a better job.

From misspelling "rebuttle" and incorrectly using "to" instead of "too", all the way down to using "our butt's" in place of the plural form of that word, it's work that my grade school principal Sister Ferdinand would have kicked back to me in a second--and then kicked me down the stairs.

Hergie's been busy, developing the website he promised in an August 6 email: anitasenkowski.com. 

In his email, Hergert warned that "we are coming for you", and promised to launch "a series of websites that will certainly outrank anything you got and it won't be good for you".

In the screen capture shown at left, it appears that Hergie has indeed begun to develop "anitasenkowski.com", although the content is still offline and in development.

And, in a recent development, Hergie's Hawaiian Hideaway (AKA the corporate headquarters of Auto Credit Financial), looks like another burst balloon.

Miss Fortune has discovered that the Kailua-Kona address (75-5737 Kuakini Hwy., Suite 202) shown as Auto Credit's "corporate headquarters" is merely the real estate office of John S. Rabi, whose name appears on official Hawaiian records as the Registered Agent for Auto Credit Financial Services LLC.

And, by the looks of this property listing, Rabi is looking to convert his Typically Tropical Properties to an "agent/broker co-op".

Wonder where that leaves Hergie?

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  1. It must be a incredible responsibility be a spelling expert and a complete idiot asshole


    When two people debate, one of them makes an argument, and the other follows with a rebuttal, which, plainly put, is the "no, you're wrong and this is why" argument.
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