Thursday, September 25, 2014

A DESIGNING WOMAN: Miss Fortune "Ties" One Up!

Photo courtesy Rachel Lopez
If you think Miss Fortune's writing packs a pretty punch, just check out these beauties...eyes up here!the apron. Pinup model, and aspiring baker, Rachel Lopez is shown at left, wearing an apron I made just for her using Japanese "kawaii" fabric.

In addition to marketing copywriting, my (paid) work includes a limited edition design business, a line of pinup-style aprons I sell in my Etsy shop, "Tie Me Up Aprons".

As you can see, my aprons inspire lots of cookin'—inside and outside the kitchen! 

Customers all over the world—from China to Australia—wear my designs.

Photo courtesy Vintage Spa, New South Wales
I'll be introducing my new Christmas line, and would love to see one of my readers win their own "Tie Me Up" apron.

More details to come!

'Miss Fortune' will be back tomorrow with another blockbuster!

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  1. As a very satisfied Etsy customer, I can easily say the aprons are wonderful for oneself or as a gift. Miss Fortune processed my order and shipped quickly. Do not hesitate to place your order - TC Parent