Wednesday, November 6, 2013

THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Per Wickstrom's TIA Corporation Building $1.1 Million Dollar Home In Pennfield Township

After spending the last two years, and over one million dollars, quietly amassing over 200 acres of prime Pennfield Township property, Per Wickstrom's TIA Corporation will soon break ground on a new project--an 11,416 square foot house.

Miss Fortune has discovered that Pennfield Township issued a building permit on October 13, 2013 for the construction of a $1.1 million dollar home at 22072 Ten Mile Road.

The permit reveals that Wickstrom's new walkout home will have an attached four-car garage, five decks and three catwalks.

Looks to your girl Miss Fortune that Per Wickstrom's not worried at all about cash flow or any impending lawsuits.

Dude must have an enormous pair of crystal balls.


  1. Looks like Mr. Crabs fraudulent referral lines and over-billing insurance scams are continuing to pay off! Mr. Crabs loves me monies!!!

    1. Mr. Crabs? Miss Fortune thinks that John Bruce has a story to tell...and she'd like to hear all about it! tcmissfortune@yahoo.com

    2. Oh, I've got story indeed. Addicts are Crabby Patties to Mr. Crabs, and Mr. Crabs doesn't give a blowfish how he sells them.