Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Per Wickstrom/Randy Richardville Video Snipped; Transcript edited to delete "We Just Opened There" South Bend claim. GONE!

As your girl Miss Fortune reported on Sunday, November 17, Per Wickstrom interviewed Michigan State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville during his recent visit to Frenchtown Township in Monroe County. Wickstrom was touring a vacant building, casting his gimlet-eyed gaze toward the prospect of opening another clinic.

Well, since that story appeared on this blog, the video has been edited to remove Wickstrom's claim that he has "an organization in South Bend" that "we just opened up".

In addition, the video's transcript has also been edited to remove the earlier claim.

Gone, baby, gone!

But your girl Miss Fortune is always thinking...that's why I captured a screen grab of the transcript on Sunday!

Here's an excerpt, including the South Bend statements:

Being a watchdog is so much fun!

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