Monday, November 11, 2013

MEET THE NEW BOSS: SAME AS THE OLD BOSS? Per Wickstrom's 'A Forever Recovery' Scrapes The Bottom of The Barrel...AND KEEPS GOING! New AFR Director of Aftercare Is A Convicted Felon With Lengthy Financial Fraud Record; Replaces Former 'Life Solutions' Staffer Arrested For Public Intoxication

MDOC 434381-Marc Alan Wixson

About one month ago, Marc Wixson (left) became A Forever Recovery's new Director of Aftercare.

And do you think he was "hand selected" based on his experience and education to ensure, as A Forever Recovery promises, "clients the best possible chance in successfully fighting back against addiction?"

As the late, great Whitney Houston would say, hell to the no!

Wixson replaced former a Life Solutions staffer, Brandon Hettinger, who famously flamed out on October 5 in Hamilton County, Indiana and was arrested on two Class B public intoxication misdemeanor counts. Hamilton County court records show Hettinger's hired an attorney and is facing a January 16, 2014 bench trial.

Hettinger was ostensibly an Intake Specialist/Sales Representative for Life Solutions, a Wickstrom-owned shell company that handles sales for A Forever Recover and Best Drug Rehabilitation. It's long been Miss Fortune's hunch that "aftercare" really meant "let's turn them upside down, scare the shit out of them, shake their pockets and bring them back for a second (or third) round", and it looks like I may have finally found my proof.

In his "aftercare" role, Hettinger reportedly was calling family members of former AFR clients and suggesting their son or daughter had "relapsed" and needed to return to AFR for treatment. In addition, Hettinger also reportedly called former clients at their jobs during work hours, jeopardizing employment of those who chose not to disclose their health status to employers.

And what about this Marc Wixson? What exactly in his background makes him ready to handle AFR's so-called "high-touch" aftercare program?

Was he hitting the books...or did the books just hit him?


If a thirteen-year long criminal record, replete with financial fraud convictions, is the numero uno qualification for AFR's Director of Aftercare, Wixson's got game.

Wixson's official Michigan Department of Corrections record shows a rap sheet as long as a chimp's arm. Wixson, who's under supervision until November 17, 2016, is currently on probation for two felony financial fraud convictions. 

His MDOC record stretches back to 2000, starting with a Calhoun County conviction for credit card-related fraud. 

In 2011, Wixson copped a guilty plea in Eaton County and received probation on two additional felonies: conversion by false pretenses and credit card fraud.

Wixson's Michigan Department of Corrections record doesn't tell the whole picture--among the nearly 50 cases littered throughout Calhoun County's 10th District Court is an even more sordid, and disturbing, story.


On November 15, 2005 in Calhoun County, Wixson plead guilty to one count of embezzlement from "a vulnerable adult". 

The State of Michigan defines a "vulnerable adult" as:

An individual age 18 or over who. because of age, developmental disability, mental illness, or physical disability requires supervision or personal care or lacks the personal and social skills required to live independently. MCL 750.145m(u)

A person who is placed in an adult foster care family home or an adult foster care small group home pursuant to section 5(6) or (8) of 1973 PA 116, MCL722,115. MCL 400.703 Section

Vulnerable is defined as a condition in which an adult is unable to protect himself or herself from abuse, neglect or exploitation because of a mental or physical impairment or because of
advanced age. Section 11(f) Social Welfare Act, MCL 400:11.

In essence, Wixson plead guilty to using fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, or coercion to obtain a vulnerable adult’s money or property while consciously recognizing that person's vulnerability.

Wixson was fined, made restitution to his victim and served 99 days in the Calhoun County jail.

And that's the man Per Wickstrom has selected to put in charge of his A Forever Recovery "aftercare" program--a man who has a record of exploiting a vulnerable adult. 


While most employers work hard and conduct their due diligence so criminals like Wixson don't slip through the cracks, Per Wickstrom has clearly demonstrated a definite pattern for hiring criminals to work for him at A Forever Recovery and Best Drug Rehabilitation.

Although the U. S. Department of Labor's "Work Opportunity Tax Credit" program offers tax breaks to businesses that hire those recently released from prison, Miss Fortune wonders if the $2,400 potential tax break is really worth the liability.

Is this really what AFR is charging upwards of $30,000 for--rehabilitation surrounded by thugs and convicts?

From former Best Drug Rehabilitation Director of Security (and convicted felon) Brian Willis Harper, to current BDR Director of Security (and convicted drug trafficker) Duncan Martin and former Security Guard (and convicted bank robber) Clarence Hover, the worst of the worst walk the halls at Wickstrom-owned drug rehabilitation facilities.

And now you can add a new member to that conglomeration of convicts--Marc Alan Wixson, AFR's new Director of Aftercare.

Your girl Miss Fortune might ask Per Wickstrom if he had any shame...but why waste my time. I already know the answer.

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