Friday, March 23, 2018

PATIO "BLOOMED"! Battling Counterfeit Metal Dectector Suit, Blue Marble Products Deletes "patiobloom.com" Site & Metal Detector Listings; Stealth Site "electrofeel.com" Also Deleted

2nd UPDATE March 24: Blue Marble Products, LLC deletes 60 e-commerce sites, including glutco.com, toptechbuy.com, mightytronics.com. Roughly 30 sites are still live online.
UPDATE March 23 @ 6:00pm: Two additional Blue Marble Products, LLC sites selling metal detectors have been deleted: toptechbuy.com and magicalchefs.com. Screen grabs taken early this morning confirm metal detectors offered for sale on both sites.

BREAKING! Just two days after filing a motion seeking a 30 day extension to respond to a federal copyright infringement suit filed in November 2017 by First Texas Products, LLC, Blue Marble Products has quietly deleted the controversial e-commerce site named in the suit, patiobloom.com

However, as recently as yesterday morning, March 22, Patio Bloom was still offering Fisher metal detectors for sale on its site (Fisher is manufactured by First Texas), along with several Bounty Hunter detectors cited in the November 2, 2017 complaint. 

The screen grab below was taken less than 36 hours ago.

According to the complaint, the actual First Texas trademark was removed from the machines and packaging, but the products and printed material, which include copyrighted artwork and literature, were alleged to be “exact copies of First Texas/ products and protected intellectual property.” 

Shanghai Electronic, in a conspiracy with Blue Marble Products, LLC and the other named defendants, is allegedly “involved in facilitating the ongoing and unrestrained commercial importation of counterfeit metal detectors.” First Texas is the registered owner of the Bounty Hunter® trademark: Bounty Hunter® is a line of metal detectors used by both amateurs and professionals in the United States and abroad. 

The company alleges that Shanghai Electronic, in a blatant attempt to profit from First Texas’ substantial investment in its products, has “acted and continues to act in concert with various individuals and entities”, including Peter Franklin’s Blue Marble Products, LLC.

And here's the shocker: another Blue Marble site, just registered on March 2, was also deleted.

That site, electrofeel.com, featured what were purported to be First Texas Bounty Hunter metal detectors. 

The screen grab shown below was taken yesterday morning, March 22.

The fugazi shopping cart below, also from yesterday morning, reveals two startling things: the so-called 'Bounty Hunter' detector you clicked on, suddenly becomes a 'generic' in your shopping cart...and the site has absolutely no inventory controls!

Oh, and the $809.24 price is insane...especially considering what you would have received if you'd ordered it (you didn't, did you?).

More fakes from patiobloom.com, taken within the last 48 hours, with photos courtesy of King Detector.


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