Tuesday, March 6, 2018

CHANGES...IN NAME ONLY: PHONY “THIRD-PARTY RESELLER” SCAM GROWS! San Francisco-Based Blue Marble Products, LLC Scrubs Corporate Link From Multiple E-Commerce Sites, New “Look-alike” Versions That Mimic Existing Sites Pop Up Like Mushrooms After A Rainstorm. Name Changes Include bedbathdeluxe.com Evil Twin bedbathluxury.com!


Update 1:00pm-Blue Marble just added five more sites, including electrofeel.com, childandcradle.com and topvoltselect.com!
Every day, thousands of people unwittingly shop on an e-commerce site operated by San Francisco-based Blue Marble Products, LLC, which admitted in a July 12, 2017 federal court document it does not “manufacture, produce, own or store any products that are listed” on the estimated 120+ sites Blue Marble currently operates.

Instead, Blue Marble “scrapes” proprietary data (product pictures, listing information, etc.) from Amazon, Amazon Handmade, Etsy and AliExpress, copying the information directly to sites like Hobby Gorilla, a GoDaddy domain name registered on March 5, 2018 (formerly Hobby Chimp) and Child and Cradle (formerly Soft Cradle).

Those Amazon and other items are then listed on Blue Marble-operated sites, along with grossly inflated prices.  

For example, a beach towel sold on Amazon for $17.50 appeared on Bed Bath Deluxe at twice the price: $35.00. And although Bed Bath Deluxe morphed on Friday, March 2 into Bed Bath Luxury, that parrot towel is still available—at the same bloated price.

According to consumer complaints submitted to the Better Business Bureau about Hobby Chimp and Ripoff Report complaints about Bed Bath Deluxe, items ordered are either never delivered, or the consumer received a “cheap imitation” of the item they thought they'd purchased. 

Purchases are shipped from the original Amazon seller as a “gift” without showing on the accompanying invoice the true cost of the item. 

Phone-based customer service is nonexistent, and executed solely via email using the Zendesk platform, with offshore reps.

Over the past several days, Blue Marble Products, LLC has quietly scrubbed at least 20 e-commerce sites of any apparent association with the San Francisco-based entity recently suspended by the California Secretary of State, and continues to add new domains.

Included in the group was bedbathdeluxe.com, which morphed Friday, March 2, into Bed Bath Luxury. (The original site is still actively open for shady business.)

The new site carries the same items, with the same grossly inflated prices.

Here's a guide to the domain name changes, with former names and logos.

More on this story as details become available.

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