Wednesday, September 7, 2016

“SURE. WHO’S CALLING?” North Central Academy Building Leader Kurt Grangood Shown The Door At Mancelona Campus Of Bay City Academy; Pat Cleland Back On NCA Staff...But Did He Ever REALLY Leave?

“Patrick J. Cleland, 48, Traverse City — Sentenced to two years probation with delayed sentencing for stalking; not to consume or possess alcohol, illegal or non-prescribed drugs; not to enter bars or casinos; no violence; to attend 10 open 12-step program meetings; to attend MENS program; daily PBTs; drug testing four times per month; discretionary urine screens; no contact with victim; to perform three days community service; to pay fines and costs of $1,162.50; restitution hearing to be set.”

He's baaack!

Mancelona's North Central Academy, a campus of Steven Ingersoll's Bay City Academy, dismissed its Building Leader Kurt Grangood last Friday, September 2nd. Although Mitten Educational Management has yet to announce the shakeup, sources indicate Grangood's departure may have been due to disappointing fall enrollment figures. (Grangood also served as the Bay City Academy's Superintendent.)

And it appears the charter school's former Principal, and soon-to-be-but-never-was Bay City Academy Superintendent, is back in command. After confirming Grangood's departure in a phone call to the Mancelona school this morning, on a hunch I asked if Cleland was available.

The answer?

A cheery “Sure! Who’s calling?”

Back on April 29, 2015, the Bay City Academy's Board of Directors announced the selection of newly-minted Mitten Educational Management as its new educational service provider. Replacing Steven Ingersoll's Smart Schools Management, Inc., Mitten is headed by fortunate son-in-law, Brian Lynch. The press release also proclaimed the selection of Pat Cleland as its choice for Superintendent.

But the rosy future painted by the Bay City Academy quickly went sideways. 

Arrested on May 25, 2015, Cleland was formally arraigned September 22, 2015 on one count each of stalking and attempted possession of a controlled substance analogue. In addition, Leelanau County court records reveal a northern Michigan woman sought, and received, a personal protection order against Cleland on May 26, 2015; Cleland was served on June 8, 2015.  

Less than 24 hours before jury selection was set to begin, Cleland opted not to go to trial and instead struck a plea deal in 86th District Court. Cleland plead guilty to the stalking charge and, in return, prosecutors dropped the drug charge.

According to the terms of Cleland's delayed sentence, negotiated for him by Traverse City attorney Patrick E. Heintz, the stalking charge could be dismissed after a successful two-year probation period.

Heintz successfully struck a similar deal for Cleland in 2013 when he plead guilty to one count of retail fraud-3rd degree. (Cleland served three days of community service in lieu of a six day jail sentence.) 

So when you read the “just the facts” Leelanau News court report excerpted in italics above, does it make you wish that guy was deskside in your kid's classroom?

I didn't think so.

All that, and the North Central Academy has opted out of the federally-funded National School Lunch Program!

But there's always the school's Hawk's Nest snack shack where your kid can buy overpriced ramen noodles, yogurt, and granola bars.


  1. Now that is just freaking scary! I would not want this man in the presence of my children. Isn't it against the law for Cleland to be around children in a school setting? I think parents should pull their kids and get back to the regular public school this is preposterous. Back, or NEVER left, he must know too much and they are keeping him on the payroll. A little hush money here, a little hush money there. Here are hush, there a hush everywhere a hush hush. When will this ridiculous excuse for a school system end. I bet Grangood is glad to be out of that mess.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts: Cleland was indeed arrested on May 25, 2015 and charged with one count of attempted possession of a controlled substance and one count of stalking.

      Cleland was released on $2,500 bond, and later arraigned on September 22, 2015. His attorney struck a plea deal, which dropped the drug charge in return for Cleland pleading guilty to the stalking charge. Cleland's "delayed sentence" allows him to potentially have his stalking charge dismissed after the his two-year probation term ends--if he does not violate the probation terms.

      So, Cleland was arrested, charged and took a plea deal. His former girlfriend also sought and received a PPO, personal protection order. (If you're interested, you can read the case details at this link: http://www.co.grand-traverse.mi.us/304/86th-District-Court).

      As for reading "the paper", I challenge you to provide any "paper" that's covered this story, including Mr. Grangood's departure.

      Whether or not Cleland is an "awesome leader" is still debatable--the management of the Bay City Academy/North Central Academy has yet to acknowledge Cleland's role or Grangood's departure.

  2. This just creeps me out. If the state doesn't do something about this, then there is really something wrong with the oversight of charters.

  3. This is a completely disgusting situation. What an embarrassment to education Brian Lynch is. I can not believe that someone convicted of drug possession, theft, and STALKING a woman, who is forced to file a restraining order, would even be legally allowed in a school! What the hell is going on there?

    There is no doubt in my mind that Grandgood has got some stories and facts on Brian Lynch. I'll be that Lynch is an absolute ass hole as a boss. His ego must flow out of his ears. What a loser.

    That schools in big trouble. Eventually investors will want to dump that place because of how Lynch runs it (into the ground).

    Lynch isn't worried though. He's got sugar daddy Noss to pull him through this one. It's everyone else that id be worried about. Lynch will screw them all the first chance he feels that place will fail.

    1. He was not convicted.

    2. No, he was not "convicted", but accepted a plea deal on the very day his trial was scheduled to begin. Cleland did plead guilty to the stalking charge.

  4. The teachers at NCA are horrified by Grangood's firing. The writing is on the wall that they could be next and they are scrambling to find different jobs. I wish them well. There are some great teachers there. They need to get off that sinking ship!

  5. There are amazing teachers there. I just feel so bad for them that their boss Brian Lynch issuch an ass whipe.

    Isn't that just great, hey guys lets bring Pat Felon Stalker Cleland back! That's an excellent selling point for parents who are interested in bringing their child to NCA. Way to go Brian Lynch! Where did you get your degree.....Lying Ass Hole Screw the Working Class University?

    Teachers, get the hell out of there while you can. You do not deserve to be treated the way you are and have been. Lynch and Noss are in this game for themselves. I would put money down on them having a butt load stored away in their LLCs. They're covered....are you? That answer is NO.

    I'll bet he's running a skeleton crew there now to keep his lying ass full of money.

    1. I would be remiss if I didn't correct your "Felon" assertion; Cleland plead guilty to a misdemeanor.

  6. I know many are quick to judge, but my daughter attended NCA and mr Cleland was an awesome principle,great leader, great with kids and full of positivity.I only transferred my daughter out this year due to Mr grangood.Mr grangood was a horrible leader. I am glad to see mr Cleland back!! Despite all you judgmental people whom do not know him personally!!!

    1. According to the Michigan Department of Education's Online Educator Certification System, Cleland's Professional Education Certificate expired on June 30, 2007.

      In addition,Cleland is not certified as a school administrator or principal.

      So, I'm left to wonder: what exactly is Pat Cleland's role at the NCA, and why hasn't Mitten Educational Management made the information (and rationale for choosing Cleland) public?