Thursday, February 25, 2016

THE HOUSE OF (REPORT) CARDS: Will The State Of Michigan Close The Bay City Academy?

The gelded press — a compliant media that prints what it's told, no matter how wrong or insane. 

Michigan’s House Bill 4332, authored by Rep. Daniela García, R-Dist. 90, was part of a legislative reform package signed July 7, 2015 by Governor Rick Snyder to aid “financially distressed” Michigan school districts.

But should the insiders running a privatized school operating under the shell of Steven Ingersoll-controlled entity (convicted of tax fraud in federal court nearly a year ago) expect to receive even more money from Michigan taxpayers in an attempt to “fix their mistakes”?

You might be surprised at the answer. 



  1. Very interesting opinion piece about Michigan Charter School politics.


    1. I'm already on to it...Daniela Garcia authored the "financially distressed" bill and it appears she's carrying the water for the DeVos family. Read my analysis later today; charter school proponents might just hold their collective noses and hand millions more to Lynch, Randal and Johnston.