Thursday, February 25, 2016


The gelded press — a compliant media that prints what it's told, no matter how wrong or insane. 

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  1. This whole thing is preposterous, this man needs to be in jail. Mr. Snyder is in trouble himself and can't bail you out on this one. Yes ole Steve worked hard to get Snyder to get more money for charter schools (I wonder how much money that cost him) and why because they all get to rifle the State of Michigan for taxpayers money.
    Here is my thought someone in the trial was paid off. Did anyone ever look into that. It is not beyond his tactics, he is a creepy dude. They got to one person.

    Now the court is finding out all the money he took from Grand Traverse Academy. And the fact that all the people that run these schools are now are working for him the Grand Master of Thievery. The only way this is going to get cleaned up and the attention put back on teaching children and providing excellent teachers is by taking this whole racket down. I am sickened to watch all these people running the schools fabricating a healthy teaching and learning environment. When you let businesses run a school, it is about profit for the company not the children. Get a grip State of Michigan Education Department. There is a new man in office and he needs to stand up and be a leader and throw out these schools. If he gives them more money well that is just ludicrous.