Friday, February 7, 2014


Like sad, sweet Tammy Wynette sang back in the day, it appears Per Wickstrom and the Detroit Lions may be headed for a 

Miss Fortune discovered this morning that two of the numerous Herman Moore/Best Drug Rehabilitation videos, accessible as recently as yesterday afternoon on BDR's YouTube channel, have been deleted.

The videos were shot back in May 2013 during Moore's appearance in Battle Creek at a Calhoun County Fraternal Order of Police/Detroit Lions charity basketball game. Shown in a screen capture at left from one of the now-deleted videos, Moore used the event to shill for Best Drug Rehabilitation while seated in front of a Best Drug Rehabilitation banner wearing his Detroit Lions-branded basketball jersey.

Back in December, Miss Fortune detailed Wickstrom's use of former Detroit Lions players in promotional videos for his drug rehabilitation clinics in a two-part series I called "Addiction 101".

In Part 1, Per Wickstrom's Selfie Video Spigot, I examined the close business relationship between Moore and Wickstrom, and revealed how the pair have used Moore's Detroit Lions "community appearances" as part of a formerly undisclosed scheme to promote their mutual business interests.

Wickstrom and Moore, who are now working together to expand Battle Creek's A Forever Recovery into Monroe County, have a long-established working relationship.

In fact, Moore spoke publicly in support of Best Drug Rehabilitation's Marne expansion at a Wright Township Planning Commission meeting in June 2013. Wickstrom is currently in litigation with Wright Township, who refused to grant Best Drug Rehabilitation a Special Land Use permit required for the expansion.

In Part 2: Per Wickstrom and the Detroit Lions...Happy Together?, I revealed the additional videos, with sports figures like former Lion Barry Sanders, that Wickstrom uses to flood the Interwebs with junk content developed to push down negative Google results and counteract Wickstrom's less-than-sterling reputation.

Could it be that the Detroit Lions may not approve of Moore promoting Per Wickstrom's business on Lions time?

Sure looks like it's possible, and your girl Miss Fortune will be watching for more updates.

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