Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"BELLES WITH BALLS" UPDATE: Miss Fortune Reveals Pattern of Inflated Staff Credentials at Per Wickstrom's 'A Forever Recovery'

Miss Fortune loves her some bubblesespecially when they burst.

After reviewing my notes from yesterday's story, "Belles With Balls", I realized I missed an even better story just waiting to be told.

What could be better than a story about a convicted embezzler, a felon who walked out of her jail cell into a job as a Case Manager at Per Wickstrom's A Forever Recovery?

How about a story about a convicted embezzler who walked out of her jail cell into a job as a Case Manager--and inflated her qualifications?

Interested? I thought you might be.

Until A Forever Recovery changed her page on its website in early February, our "Belle" was listed as a "Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner" and her name was accompanied by the letters "BA, DP-C".

Nearly everyone knows that "BA" stands for Bachelor of Arts, but few of us know that "DP-C" means "development plan for counseling". In order to be certified as a drug and alcohol treatment counselor here in Michigan, an applicant must meet certain qualifications. If a applicant for certification currently does not meet the qualifications, he or she must complete and submit a formal Development Plan to show they are making reasonable progress toward becoming certified with the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (MCBAP). 

And guess what? Anyone can confirm a counselor's status online at the MCBAP's website, whether they claim to be certified or have an approved development plan registered with MCBAP.

So why claim something that can easily be refuted? If I could answer that, I probably be living in the Sea Cliff neighborhood of San Francisco!

When a truffle hunter finds an elusive tuber, that hunter doesn't take his truffle hog home. So your girl Miss Fortune kept digging.

Of the seven staffers listed on the A Forever Recovery site with the "DP-C" designation, only two actually had plans that were officially registered with MCBAP. 

And one of the two staffers officially registered with the DP-C designation was described by A Forever Recovery as a "Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor from Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals"—clearly false and misleading.

But A Forever Recovery's not completely false..it is 28 percent correct!

Your girl Miss Fortune wonders how many other truffles her surgically altered nose will sniff out.


  1. Sniffing and sniffing - Every single one of the Registrars in Div 6, the first point of contact sales people, have only bogus certifications as well. All of them attach either CCDC or CDAC next to their names. These "certifications" are passed out like candy for a price by Kent Mcgregor (from Narconon Oklahoma). Earlier posts on Tipping Point have exposed the defunct origins of these "certifications." They are fraudulent and no studying or academic effort is required to buy one. Pamela Anderson, (Per Wickstrom's sister) the on-paper owner of Life Solutions, bought one as well as other staff at AFR and BDR.

  2. And now, the hammer has started to come down...


  3. Here's the complete story: