Monday, June 25, 2012


The Decision: Part 1

What, you thought I'd make you wait until the lumbering hoards clad in camel-toe inducing leggings swarm into town like lemmings for the Cherry Festival?

Nope, here's Part 1 of the agreed consent order filed with the United States District Court for Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division.

And I quote:

In a decision filed on June 5, the Magistrate Judge Geraldine Soat Brown affirms the following:

Plantiffs Bankers Life & Casualty Company and Defendants Shannon Nelson, Kelly Dachtler, Ryan Kashmerick, Timothy Horvath, David Teesdale, Troy Baxter, Lisa Benson, John Blanck, Bert Brotherton, Joshua Clark, Kirk Johnston, John Kime, Seth Kishefsky, Joseph Michalec, Michael Robertson, Kurtis Tulppo and Jonathan Young (collectively, "Defendants") represent to the Court that they have entered into a Settlement Agreement to resolve this lawsuit. As part of that Settlement Agreement, the parties agree to the following terms, and the Court enters the following Agreed Consent Order (the "Order").

With the court noting that the Defendants do not acknowledge having engaged in any actionable conduct, and that the entry of this order is pursuant to the agreement of Bankers Life and Defendants, it is hereby ordered, adjudged, decreed as follows:

Tomorrow...It's Another Day!



  1. I read Part 1 excitedly and impatiently await the fruits of Part 2. Do hurry!

  2. FYI: My GhostOfEdBerube account is not functioning so I am now "DoThe RightThing".